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The best guns in Hunt Showdown

Hunt: Showdown has an almost anxiety-inducing amount of weapons, items, and variations. When looking for the “best” guns in Hunt Showdown, look for ones that are strong in PvP, are reasonably priced for what they do, and have a distinct edge over similar guns in the same class.

This article was originally written well before the custom ammo update,  but the information below is still completely valid. If anything, some of the weapons on the list got a little better with the option to carry two types of ammo.

Anyway, here are our picks for the best guns in Hunt: Showdown.

Caldwell Conversion Uppercut

This was easily the best PvP gun in Hunt: Showdown back when it released in 2018, and will most likely be the best PvP gun when the servers close. Article over.

In all seriousness though, this is the only long ammo pistol in the game. You have a gun that can do it all as far as having top-tier damage, range, and penetration…and it fits in a small weapon slot. If that’s not insane value, you can Fan or dual-wield this gun. It’s not even that expensive, given how scary it can be.

First-timer tip: Almost all long ammo guns in Hunt have tiny reserve ammo supplies to balance out their power. If you’re running an Uppercut, your best bet is to pair it with a Sparks or Martini-Henry rifle so you can pool your ammo.

caldwell conversion uppercut

Springfield 1866 Compact Striker

Don’t sleep on this unassuming one-shooter. The Springfield 1866 Compact Striker is the complete package, with strong damage and range, decent penetration, good ammo bank, and a trowel attached to the barrel making it a good melee weapon. If you aren’t sold yet, note that the Striker packs all that value in a very cheap, medium-sized package. Sometimes you get one with free hunters.

First-timer tip: If you find yourself surrounded by a group of Infected, use the light melee attack to cleave them all at the same time.

Nagant M1895 Deadeye

This gun isn’t a world-beater, just a flexible, cheap addition to any loadout. Due to the higher headshot multiplier on compact ammo guns, the sniper pistol can secure one-tap kills from preposterously far away. Like its scopeless variant, the Nagant M1895 Precision, the Deadeye has a faster fire rate than other revolvers in Hunt, making it a potent weapon up close, too.

First-timer tip: The Deadeye makes a serviceable melee club in a pinch, letting you deal with Immolators and grunts without the use of knuckles. Its heavy attack is a swing rather than a jab, which makes it more useful than a full-sized rifle.

Sparks LRR

Sparks LRR is the rifle of choice for hunters who specialize in guerilla tactics. It has pinpoint accuracy over long range, massive damage, and Silencer and Sniper variants for maximum sneakiness. It has a base damage of 149, which means that tagging someone with it leaves them one hit away from death; you could bonk them with a medkit and they’d still die.

First-timer tip: The Sparks hits hard, but it needs to reload after each shot. Coordinate your shots with your teammates to secure instant kills. If your quarry takes cover after the first shot connects, throw a flash bomb their way – the flash inflicts 1 point of damage to everyone in its sizable AOE.

This one Sparks joy from HuntShowdown

Nagant M1895 Officer Carbine

Rolled a fresh hunter? Slap a Nagant M1895 Officer Carbine on them. It’s a fast-firing rifle that’s shockingly accurate over mid-range, and has great iron sights to boot. It feels almost like a Winfield M1873C with built-in Levering, except it fires quickly even when aiming down sights.

First-timer tip: If you have the Quartermaster trait, taking a pair of cheap pistols or a Vandal as your sidearm is your best bet to counter the Carbine’s small ammo supply. A Vandal Striker saves you from having to bring a knife, too.

Honorable mention: Bomb Lance

This monstrosity looks like something you’d use in Bloodborne. The Bomb Lance can match its crazy appearance with some equally crazy melee damage. It’s a 1-hit kill if you’re able to connect on other hunters, even with a light attack. The Bomb Lance also nukes most monsters, and melts through bosses quickly. Its projectile harpoon one-hits hunters and all monsters except Water Devils. This is a super beefy weapon, in close range anyway.

First-timer tip: The Bomb Lance is great for farming Meatheads, which are the most valuable mob in Hunt Showdown.

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