The best SWGOH characters to inflict Thermal Detonators with

Thermal Detonators are a rare breed of debuff in SWGOH. Players typically only need to inflict Thermal Detonator debuffs to counter a couple of specific teams or to complete Thermal Detonator feats in Galactic Challenges or Galactic Conquest. In this super-quick guide, we’ll check out the best characters to inflict Thermal Detonators with in SWGOH.

Zam Wesell

Zam Wesell is the queen of Thermal Detonators in SWGOH. Her kit revolves around distributing these exploding presents to entire teams, then doubling the Thermal Detonators stacks, and gaining full Turn Meter with every Thermal Detonator she triggers with her basic attack. When using the abilities in the right order and paired with her Grand Arena Championship Omicron ability, she can take a large number of turns and dish out a lot of damage before the enemy can attack back.

Best Thermal Detonator Zam Wesell team: Zam Wesell (L), Dengar, Greedo, Bossk, Greef Karga.

Jawa faction

Utinni! Jawas are the essential Thermal Detonator team in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. The key to inflicting a disgusting amount of Thermal Detonators is the Jawa Scavenger Unique ability, Line in the Sand. If a Jawa ally was damaged by an attack that turn, Jawa Scavenger has an 80% chance to inflict two Thermal Detonators for two turns on each enemy that used an ability during that turn. This ability heavily cripples any team that calls allies to assist on attacks – Geonosians, Rebels, Ewoks, Old Republic – often inflicting upwards of 20-30 Thermal Detonators. You might not win every battle, but you’ll earn the feat.

Best Thermal Detonator Jawa team: Chief Nebit (L), Jawa Scavenger, Jawa Engineer, Jawa, Dathcha.

All Thermal Detonator characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes:

  • Zam Wesell
  • Greedo
  • Dengar
  • Cad Bane (Contract payout)
  • Mob Enforcer
  • Chief Nebit (Omicron)
  • Jawa Scavenger
  • Jawa Engineer
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