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The complete guide to Stasis Grenades in Destiny 2

Stasis is the newest subclass to be added to Destiny 2. Along with the new subclass have come three new Stasis Grenades, each with different mechanics. Here is the complete guide to the new Stasis Grenades in Destiny 2.

Glacier Grenade

The Glacier Grenade creates a wall of Stasis crystals that will freeze enemies. These crystals can be shattered to deal damage or zone off an area. The great thing about Glacier Grenades is that they can be used for platforming, allowing you to reach higher areas. The grenade can also be thrown at your feet to boost yourself in the air.

Pair this grenade with the Whisper of Fissures and the Whisper of Shards fragments, which will increase the shatter damage and give you grenade recharge.

This grenade unlocks at the end of the Beyond Light Campaign in Destiny 2.

Duskfield Grenade

The Duskfield Grenade creates a ball of Stasis, which slows and freezes the target if they stay within the AOE long enough. The initial impact of the grenade also pulls in enemies, making it easier for them to freeze. Duskfield Grenades excel at stopping Overload Champions, as the AOE can stun them multiple times.

Pair this grenade with the Whisper of Durance fragment, which will increase the duration of the Duskfield Grenade.

This grenade unlocks when you complete Born in Darkness – Part 2.

Coldsnap Grenade

Coldsnap Grenades are the only Stasis Grenades with tracking. Upon impact, a Coldsnap Grenade freezes the area and sends out a seeking bolt which can freeze a nearby enemy. This grenade is strong in PvP, as it can flush out hallways and corners for you, creating an opening for you and your team.

Pair this grenade with the Whisper of Hedrons fragment, which will give you weapon damage bonus upon freezing a target.

This grenade unlocks when you complete Born in Darkness – Part 3.

Which Stasis Grenade is the best?

All three of the Stasis Grenades are viable in Destiny 2. They each serve their own niche purpose and their strength also depends on your build. That said, the best grenade out the three is the Duskfield Grenade. Its synergy with the current Seasonal Mods make it great for higher end PvE activities. The second best would be the Glacier Grenade which provides strong utility and has the most synergy with the Stasis fragments. Coldsnap is not horrible, but it lacks the strong AOE damage that the other two have. It can be strong in PvP, but can easily be outplayed and avoided.

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