The Omen mod in Outriders – What it does and why you need it

Among other things, the Worldslayers DLC for Outriders introduced a ton of new weapons and weapon mods. One of them in particular has captivated a lot of players, and for a very good reason. In this quick overview, we will unpack the Omen mod and why every Outriders player should want to get their hands on it.

Let’s start with what it does:

  • Your weapon’s shots launch a projectile that pierces cover;
  • inflicts Bleed;
  • inflicts a flat amount of Anomaly damage;
  • and applies a debuff that increases damage received by the target by 10-30% depending on the weapon. Note, that this debuff is separate from things like Damage Resistance Piercing or Vulnerable, and it stacks with them.

Omen is a tier 3 mod found exclusively on the Mythos LMG. You can target-farm the Mythos and dismantle it to add this coveted modification to your library.

“OK, so why good?” I hear you ask. It just does a lot. Omen adds raw damage to your weapon, but it also acts as a power multiplier for a ton of other things you can do in Outriders. It scales off of your Anomaly power, and its debuff improves both your Anomaly and Weapon damage against the target, meaning you can use Omen with any type of build. Its sampler plate of effects compounds the value of the other two mods you have on your weapon, as long as they have damaging effects.

On top of all that, it slots nicely in Bleed Devastator and other debuff-based builds, and it strengthens your life-leech effects, regardless of whether they leech through weapon damage or skills. And it goes through cover. What more could you ask for from a single weapon mod? Get Omen, Outriders players. Most of you already have.

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