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The Samira for ADC mains | League of Legends Guide

Samira is the newest champion in League of Legends and you should keep an eye on her, especially if you play ADC a lot. With the right build she could become your new favorite (and I have quite the build for you today). Even if you prefer mid-laners and assassins, you still have a great shot at succeeding with Samira, as she is pretty over-tuned at the moment.

When should you play Samira?

Since Riot has this habit of creating more and more difficult abilities with each new League of Legends champion, Samira is fairly hard to play. Therefore, you shouldn’t use her if you’re new to the game. Her mechanics need some getting used to, even for veterans.

That said, once you are comfortable with playing her, you will find there are many situations in which she gives you clear advantages.

If you usually play League of Legends in mid lane, or choose assassins for top or jungle, then Samira will feel very familiar. The playstyle you need to adapt while playing her is really similar, and you can also act as the murder hobo of your team.

Also, if the enemy bottom lane has champions with huge burst potential, you can easily shut them down early in the game. Draven is the greatest example for this, as he has a 48,5% win rate against Samira and that only goes down the longer the game lasts. Kai’sa and Lucian are in a similar position, but there are many other champions that Samira counters.

There is one downside to her, though. You need to invite at least one friend to the game – preferably a support, but any other role will work too – to help you out. There will be moments when you need to explain the complicated plan that getting a kill with your skillset requires, and it would be much easier if you have someone to talk to.

Which runes does Samira need?

League of Legends Samira guide

The main rune you need to abuse is Presence of Mind. It can make all the difference in your mana, which is really important in the early game. Once you have two kills you shouldn’t need to go back for mana, and there also shouldn’t be a need for mana items. Tell your teammates that you need the first two kills at the very least, otherwise you can’t start the snowball well.

The other one is Nimbus Cloak. It can work wonderfully with Wild Rush, since you can combo the dash with the added movement speed, and it can help you disengage or reach someone who is running away.

What items does Samira need?

Lucky for you, Samira isn’t a one-eimensional champion. You can’t “just build AD” with her, you will need crit chance, damage and cooldown reduction. There is a really straight-forward build though, so don’t worry, you just need to follow it and you’ll be great.

Your first item will be Infinity Edge because of the raw critical chance it provides. Next one will be Death’s Dance, so you will have a little more defense, but also because it will help you heal throughout fights. Essence Reaver should be your next item, but if you have already gotten rid of your mana problems with Presence of Mind then you can leave it for later and move on to Phantom Dancer.

There are a few important situational items. You need to have these in mind just in case you aren’t snowballing fast enough. You can get Mercurial Scimitar and Guardian Angel if you are trying to be as aggressive as possible, but keep dying. Last Whisper and Black Cleaver are to be bought against teams that have way too much AD.

And finally, you should always tailor your choice of boots to your current game, although the top choice is often Berserker’s Greaves.

League of Legends Samira guide

How to play as Samira

Like I said, you need to take a crucial step before the game even begins: you need to invite a friend, as you will need an extra helping hand when things are going downhill and you need someone to synergize with you.

Your first step in game should be scaring the enemy ADC. Don’t abandon farming altogether, but really focus on hitting the enemy. If you can do that, they will either back up or put themselves in serious danger, especially if you already have a plan about how to trap and kill them.

Once you have your first two kills you need to start pushing (and asking your support to ward meticulously) to take down the first turret, as then you can start roaming and disturbing other lanes. For this you will likely need to ditch your support, or tell them what you are planning so they can decide whether to help others or follow you.

As an assassin your job will be to take down enemies who are wandering around all alone and are vulnerable. Make sure they have someone to be proud of.

Final tip: if you get burnt out practicing Samira and want to decompress with another, more oldschool League of Legends ADC, check out Ziggs.

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