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The ultimate Dead by Daylight loot build for Survivors

In Dead by Daylight items can be a powerful tool for Survivors, and a loot build can be very succesful. Items can make the game fun by allowing Survivors to play riskier, and enjoy other playstyles. However, if a Survivor is sacrificed or killed in their game they will lose their item. Another downside of items is their add-ons, which can really change how an item works. Add-ons are tougher to obtain and are always lost at the end of a game, even if the Survivor escapes. Still, with the ultimate loot build, you can replenish your inventory in Dead by Daylight in no time!    

Plunderer’s Instinct 

Plunderer’s Instinct is a general perk available to all Survivors. Here is how it works: 

“The auras of unopened chests and items in the environment are revealed to you when standing within a 16/24/32 meter range. Grants a considerably better chance at finding an item of higher rarity from chests.” 

This is a must in any loot build in Dead by Daylight because of the value it provides. While the aura reading is nice, the real value comes from the improved item quality. Looting chests without Plunderer’s Instinct usually results in common and uncommon items. Items of these qualities do not provide as much value and are not as fun. But with Plunderer’s Instinct you can find many very rare and ultra-rare items in a game.


Ace in the Hole 

Ace in the Hole is one of Ace Viscontii’s unique perks. The teachable version of this perk appears on his Bloodweb at level 40. Here is how it works: 

“When retrieving an item from a chest, there is a 100% chance that a very rare (or lower) add-on will be attached to it. 10/25/50% chance of finding an add-on of Uncommon rarity (or lower). When escaping, keep any add-ons your item has.” 

Add-ons have been harder to keep ahold of ever since Behaviour implemented the big change, namely making it so Survivors always lose their add-ons at the end of a game, even if they escaped. With Ace in the Hole, you always get to keep your add-ons when escaping.  

Ace in the Hole allows you to go searching for add-ons in a game. This is important because normally you can only get add-ons from the Bloodweb. While some add-ons provide minor value, most do have a significant impact on items. This is especially true for add-ons for the Med-kit which can add a special effect to the item.  

For example, the very rare Styptic Agent allows a Survivor to press the special ability button while healing to consume the entire Med-kit. Doing so will grant the Survivor the Endurance status effect for 8 seconds. If the Survivor is hit by the Killer during this time, they will not go down. Instead, they will have the Deep Wound status effect applied to them. You can see how this can have a huge impact during a game.



Appraisal is one of Elodie Rakoto’s unique perks. The teachable version of this perk appears on her Bloodweb at level 30. Here is how it works: 

“Start the trial with 3 tokens. When a chest has already been opened, consume a token to rummage through it for an item. Rummaging can only be performed once per chest. You rummage through chests 40/60/80% faster.” 

With only three chests in every game, you may not normally get the item you want. With Appraisal you can increase your chances of getting something good. Note, that Plunderer’s Instinct does affect the quality of items you find with Appraisal. This makes them a great combination.  

Another pro of Appraisal is that it gives your team more item options, since each Survivor can take one item with them out of the exit gate or hatch.

Appraisal has yet another big advantage: if you find that a Survivor beat you to a chest, you can still search that chest for an item. This is especially helpful in solo play, where your team may not know you are using a loot build. PC players can tell their team before a game starts they are using a loot build, however, Survivors can be quite selfish and still loot chests regardless. Appraisal is a good safeguard against other Survivors looting chests before you, and a great loot build pick all around.



Pharmacy is one of Quentin Smith’s unique perks. The teachable version of this perk appears on his Bloodweb at level 35. Here is how it works: 

“Unlocking chests is 40/60/80% faster and the noises this causes, along with their hearing distances, are reduced by 8 meters. Pharmacy guarantees an Emergency Med-kit on your first unlocked chest.” 

Pharmacy allows you to unlock chests incredibly fast, allowing you to get through all the chests quickly. The downside to Pharmacy is the guaranteed Emergency Med-kit. This takes away one of your item chances to get something better, like a Ranger Med-kit, Utility Flashlight, or Skeleton Key. Feel free to not equip Pharmacy if you would rather skip the Emergency Med-kit.



There are some offerings Survivors can use to put loot odds in their favor. The Shiny Coin will spawn two additional chests, and the Tarnished Coin can spawn one additional chest. These offerings can stack with each other. If every Survivor used a Shiny Coin, that is 8 additional chests. So there can be a total of 11 chests in one game!  

Just watch out for the Killer offerings Cut Coin and Tarnished Coin, which can prevent chests from spawning. The Cut Coin will make two less chests spawn in the game, while the Tarnished Coin makes one less chest spawn. 

After running a few games with this loot build you will have tons of items and add-ons, in no time. This will allow you to save some Bloodpoints for other perks and offerings you want. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight guides!  

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