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The ultimate Elder Scrolls Online guide to Alchemy

Interested in learning all about Alchemy in The Elder Scrolls Online? If your answer is yes, then welcome!
In this article, we are going to go over a lot of subjects, namely what Alchemy is, how you can use it to be a better player, how to level up the Alchemy skill tree fast, and how to uncover all the traits of each ingredient.

What exactly is Alchemy?

The Elder Scrolls Online has seven different crafting professions: Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Clothier, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, Woodworking and Provisioning. And I can definitely say that Alchemy is one of the best ones – when done right, it can make you quite powerful and rich.

But what is Alchemy? Alchemy is the art of brewing potions and poisons, and believe it or not, potions and poisons can be of great help to players in PvE and PvP activities. Using the right ones at the right time will save your life every now and then.

There are potions that boost your damage against other players and poisons that drain your opponents of magicka and stamina. It’s a whole new world of possibilities, if you just dare venture into it.

Alchemy The Elder Scrolls Online

Power leveling

Alright so, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve already got a good Alchemy level or are just starting out, power leveling works on all players. And there’s really no special trick here. To level up fast in Alchemy, you will have to make loads and loads of brews, many of which you will have no use for. My advice is that you focus on two reagent combinations. They cost less to make and give just as much experience as all others.

Once you are more experienced, then you should invest points into Alchemy. That way, you’ll get more potions out of each mixture. And of course, you’ll want to collect every ingredient you come across in your journeys, as it’ll save you a lot of money.

Note, that combining reagents of opposing traits – like one that increases or restores health and another with ravage health – will negate the purpose of each reagent and the potion will not be useful at all.


Every potion and poison requires the combination of a Solvent with two or three Reagents. Before you waste your time – and ingredients – making potions through trial and error, understand that there are two types of solvents: one is meant for potions and essences, and the other is meant for poisons.

It’s easy to distinguish one from the other, as Potion Solvents can usually be collected through water nodes and Poison Solvents are collected from defeated enemies.


Reagents are quite easy to come by, as they are mostly herbs and plants that can be found all throughout The Elder Scrolls Online‘s world. What you’ll have to learn here is that each reagent has four different traits. If you want to become an effective Alchemist, you’ll need to learn all of them.

You can do this by combining solvents and reagents randomly until you eventually uncover all traits, or by consuming the reagents (though this only uncovers the first trait), or by researching existing recipes.

I hate trial and error – it wastes time and valuable resources. This is why I usually go with the last option. It’s much faster, works better and produces better results.

Alchemy The Elder Scrolls Online

Alchemy for PvP

We all know PvP in The Elder Scrolls Online can be hard, especially when you come across someone stronger or better equipped than you. For that reason, you should always keep with you something that brings you an advantage towards that enemy. And if you can’t spend money on expensive gear or weapons, then the perfect solution is poisons and poisons.

I’m sharing with you guys my favorite brews for PvP, to help you beat and loot that other player – yes, I am aware most are poisons, don’t judge!

The ultimate Alchemy guide for The Elder Scrolls Online

Alchemy for PvE

There are a lot of players in The Elder Scrolls Online who are just not into PvP, which is quite alright. And so many wonder if there is a use for Alchemy in PvE. Well, the answer is yes, there is. I mean, just because you’re playing against the AI doesn’t mean there aren’t hard times to be had. Heck, fighting bosses is no walk on the beach.

And for that reason, I’ve come up with a list of potions and poisons you might find useful in your PvE life.

The ultimate Alchemy guide for The Elder Scrolls Online

Making money with Alchemy

Alchemy is a great way of making money in The Elder Scrolls Online, but like all methods of making money, it requires a bit of grinding. To make money with Alchemy, you need to focus on brewing the potions and poisons that people look for the most.

Health, Magicka and Stamina potions are an okay item to sell, but to make really good money, you’ll need to get creative. I would advise you to focus on potions that grant the player a lot of benefits, so Tri-potions are a great idea. You can make these in a number of ways, but the cheapest is with Columbine, Bugloss and Mountain Flower.

Then you have the Unstoppable potions, which are always in great demand by PvP players. Last but not least, Damage or Crit poisons and Speed potions are also a good investment.

As you see, Alchemy in The Elder Scrolls Online isn’t that complex, so just collect some ingredients, head to an Alchemist’s table, and make some magic happen.

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