The ultimate guide to Spellbreak talents

Talents in Spellbreak are another way for players to customize their gameplay and cater to their personal playstyle. Some provide utility – such as movement speed or cooldown reduction – while others promote an aggressive playstyle and reward you for exiling opponents. Here is your complete guide to talents in Spellbreak.

Talents are broken up into 3 categories: Mind, Body and Spirit. These talents are chosen at the beginning of the match and can be upgraded by reading scrolls found in chests or from exiling other players. Each talent has a point cost and players can only equip up to 6 points, with one talent in each category. Not choosing a talent for a category is also an option, but this will put you at a disadvantage.

Certain talents also have stronger synergy with some classes over others. For example, Dexterity promotes air play and works well with Tempest. However talents like Focused Mana work better on classes like Conduit or Frostborn, due to the nature of those classes.

Mind talents

Focused Mana – This is a base Spellbreak talent that you unlock at the start of the game. When you have over 80% mana, your spells do increased damage (+15/18/20/30%). This talent is very strong on classes like Frostborn who initiate fights, or on Conduit who can have infinite mana spam for small periods of time with Power Surge. This talent costs 1 point.

Spellslinger – Spellslinger allows you to store extra runes and gauntlets in your inventory. This talent is very niche, due to the limited carry capacity that you have. Not to mention, that switching gauntlets in the middle of a battle can put you at a disadvantage and allow an enemy to get the upper hand. However, the sorcery cooldown reduction (-5/8/10/15%) can be nice for ability spam. Spellslinger costs 1 talent point and is unlocked by reaching Rank 6 on Tempest.

Runic Fluency – This talent lets you hold an additional rune charge. It also decreases rune cooldowns (-5/7/10/15%). Runic Fluency costs 2 talent points and is unlocked at rank 3 of Conduit. If you are playing Conduit, I would avoid running this rune because the skills on Conduit buff out rune efficiency.

Tracking – On hit, your spells mark the target for you and your squad, making them outlined for a short duration (3/3.5/4/6s). This is a strong counter to the Invisibility Rune. However, it require precise aim, so it works best on classes like Frostborn and Pyromancer, who have high accuracy spells. This talent costs 2 points and is unlocked at Rank 3 of Frostborn.

Harmony – The Harmony talent makes you immune to slows, freezes, and being shocked. This counters crowd control and pairs well with a tanky class like Stoneshaper. Harmony also gives you an incoming damage reduction (5/7/10/15%). It unlocks at reaching Rank 6 on Toxicologist, and costs 3 talent points.

talents Spellbreak

Body talents

Dexterity –  Dexterity boosts the player’s jump height by +25%. It also decreases the mana cost of Levitation (-15/18/20/30%). This a solid talent to pick up on Tempest, and pairs with skills like Squall and Sudden Gust. It costs 1 talent point and is unlocked upon reaching Rank 3 on Tempest.

Scavenging –  On exiling an opponent, restore health and armor (25/30/35/50). This talent is strongest in solos, but can also work well with any hyper-aggressive playstyle. It costs 1 talent point and is unlocked at Rank 6 of Conduit.

Fervor – This is another base talent that you have unlocked automatically when you start playing Spellbreak. It increases spell cast speed (+15/18/20/25%). While this may seem like an underwhelming talent, at higher upgrades it can make any class into a  rapid-fire machine. This talent costs 2 points.

Finders Keepers – This is one of the weakest talents in Spellbreak. It increases the chance to find scrolls (+50/75/100/150%). Because scrolls are only useful until you make your talents, after that point this talent is no longer useful. It unlocks at Rank 3 on Stoneshaper, and costs 2 talent points.

Fortitude – Fortitude creates a barrier that completely absorbs one source of incoming damage, and then reforms after some time (60/50/45/30s). This is definitely a situational talent. In some cases it can completely mitigate a snipe from Frostborn, but at other times a low damaging attack from Tempest can consume the charge. Fortitude costs 3 talent points and is unlocked at Rank 6 on Pyromancer.

talents Spellbreak

Spirit talents

Escapist – This is the base Spirit talent. When you take damage, your run speed is increased (+3/4/5/7) for 5 seconds. With Escapist you can easily run for cover to heal up. It costs 1 point to equip.

Recklessness – This talent gives you bonuses for not having armor. As long as you have no armor, mana cost is reduced (-15/18/20/25%) and spell damage increased (+15/18/20/25%). It can easily turn around a long team fight and give you the upper hand. Recklessness costs 1 talent point and is unlocked at Rank 6 of Frostborn.

Recovery – With Recovery, any time you take damage you regenerate 50% of the lost health over time (12/10/8/6s).  This is another strong talent for the Stoneshaper class, and it allows you to be more of a tank for your team. It costs 2 talent points and unlocks from getting Stoneshaper to Rank 6.

Thirsty – Thirsty increases the speed (+50/60/75/100%) at which you consume potions and armor shards. Additionally, nearby allies are also affected by consumables for 50% of the regeneration. This talent unlocks at Rank 3 on Toxicologist and costs 2 talent points.

Vital Stone – This talent allows you to be resurrected once after being Disrupted. You are immune for 4 seconds after resurrecting, and then spawn with a small portion of health (10/25/35/50). While this talent may seem like a second chance, most times enemies will follow you and slay you once more. The talent can be refreshed by reading a Spirit Scroll. It costs 3 talent points and is unlocked at Rank3 on Pyromancer.

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