The ultimate Pokemon TCG Online guide and resource list

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is the online, free-to-play version of the physical card game.  Below is a list of our own beginner guides, deck guides for each format (Standard, Expanded, Theme, and Legacy), information about upcoming cards, latest news, and listicles for the game.

Each Pokemon TCG Online deck guide includes its list of cards, sample gameplay, and a thorough explanation of what role each card plays in that deck. Each of the lists below will be updated regularly as we post more content.

Beginners guide for Pokemon TCG Online

New to Pokemon TCG Online? Here are all the resources you need to know about to get started. Be sure to check out our trading guide for an in-depth look into beginner progression.

News and lists

Standard Deck guides

Standard is the serious, competitive, and most popular format of the game. If a card is too strong in Standard, it is evaluated, and it “rotates” into Expanded.

Expanded Deck guides

Expanded is a more versatile form of Standard. This format contains all cards from Standard along with some pretty broken cards.

Theme Deck guides

Theme Decks are pre-built decks that you can obtain from the in-game Shop for just 500 Tokens. This is the easiest format to get into because no matter how long veterans have been playing, you can acquire the same decks they use for a pretty cheap price.

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