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The ultimate support Lux | League of Legends Guide

There is a good chance that you think of Lux players in League of Legends as rude, kill-stealing fake supports. In some cases this is true, but today I am here to bring you a build which will make you a carry that only does the support part and none of the kill-stealing.

When should you play Lux?

You can never really go wrong with Lux, she is a great option if you want to one-trick a champion, as she has everything in her kit that a good League of Legends player needs. She has a great stun, she can shield, she can slow, her ultimate is easy to use, and she can also deal quite a bit of damage, even as a support.

But your best bet is to bring her against an overconfident Draven, or really any Draven. They tend to be really aggressive from the get-go, and it’s really easy to bait them in and then kill them after a well-timed stun. She works against other ADCs who are strong during the early game as well, although Draven will forever be the best example of it.

What runes does Lux need?

You will be an initiator when it comes to fights, so Bone Plating should work perfectly for you, especially in the early game when that 30 HP can mean be difference for First Blood. Go in and take the first few hits, so that your ADC can go all in if needed.

Nimbus Cloak serves the same purpose: helping you initiate fights. The movement speed it grants you can help you get to your target much faster, which works great if you combo your Lucent Singularity with your Light Binding. Throw the slow on the enemy, use the movement speed to get closer, then stun them.

League of Legends Lux guide

What items does Lux need?

  • Imperial Mandate
  • Cosmic Drive
  • Shard of True Ice
  • Staff of Flowing Water

Shard of True Ice isn’t necessary in the mid-game, so you can hold onto your Frostfang if you feel like other items are required before you upgrade it fully. You can also replace it later on if necessary, as it isn’t a core item.

After these four, you will have to decide which route you’re taking depending on the situation. Against heavy AD and assassins you will need Bulwark of the Mountain, Locket of the Iron Solari, Redemption, and Zeke’s Convergence. These will give you armor, health regeneration, and bonus HP. You should also consider Plated Steelcaps for some more armor.

If the enemy has a lot of crowd control, you must get Mikael’s Blessing and Ardent Censer.

The typical build will only have you get Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Redemption, and Ardent Censer, though. These are enough to keep a Lux afloat in a game of League of Legends where her team is slowly but surely winning the match.

Finally, you can always switch to full damage by getting Void Staff and Rabadon’s Deathcap. I don’t recommend it, but you do you.

When to switch it up

You will know not to pick Lux when you see one of her counters on the enemy team. The worst ones, like Xerath and Janna, aren’t common in the bottom lane lately, but you should still keep an eye on them because they could make a comeback any day.

If you get into a game with either of these champs, you can only pray that your ADC is good enough to stomp them into the ground. However, you will still be at a disadvantage in the late game, no matter how much you get fed and how much they feed. Xerath is the biggest enemy you can have on the map, so keep away from him at all times.

League of Legends guide Lux

How to play as Lux

In the early game, you need to almost spam your wards just like any other support. This time it’s okay to spend a ton on control wards. Don’t be afraid to place down as many as you can, because they can assist you to get the perfect stun and help your ADC to a kill. And never forget: you need to initiate whenever you see an opportunity. Slow, then stun.

Rushing the first tower is a pretty good idea, because it will enable you to roam up to the mid lane and help them get kills. However, it’s risky, as at this stage your ADC won’t be fed enough to be able to handle the whole bottom lane by themselves, so if you ever decide on taking this route you need to make sure that they are okay with it.

By the late game you can begin getting a bit cocky and taking one or two kills. I know that it’s very tempting, but don’t become the actual APC of the game, even if you have the most damage. It can kill the mood for your team, which will tilt them and it can even cost you the game. If you’re going one on one, go ahead and murder the enemy, but in any other case just try to leave the kills for your teammates.

And if you’re too tempted, you can just use your ultimate down mid lane every time it’s up, which can help deal some damage and will keep you from kill-stealing.

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