The ultimate SWGOH Capital ships tier list

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Capital ships are the nucleus of any fleet. Serving as the equivalent of Leaders in Fleet PvE or PvP, the Capital ships in SWGOH provide bonuses to standard ships and can often pack a game changing punch. With eight Capital ships currently available, it’s difficult for newer players to figure out which ship they should look to unlock next. We’ll outline all SWGOH Capital ships in separate tiers, breaking down their meta relevance, synergizy with other ships, and farming ease.

Mace Windu – Endurance | F Tier

It’s a shame that Mace Windu is a horrible character both on the ground and in space. Without ranting about his ineptitude in contrast to his status in the Star Wars universe, Windu’s Endurance Capital ship is painfully weak and underwhelming.

Endurance is one of the more defensively minded SWGOH capital ships, with a strong focus on winning by outlasting the other fleet. Unfortunately, all the other ships in SWGOH have the firepower to wipe out Endurance before it can pop off its 15-turn cooldown special ability, Convergence. The ability used to provide an Immunity buff back when ships were first introduced, but that’s all gone now. All that’s left is a massive Protection Up buff.

He’s an easy farm and can be used for cleanup duties if you’re looking to pick off leftover ships. Windu’s Endurance is also easy to farm, and can be unlocked through the frequent events.

mace windu swgoh capital ship

Grand Moff Tarkin – Executrix | D Tier

Grand Moff Tarkin manning the Executrix makes  a fairly decent Capital ship to deploy against some other lower tiered SWGOH Capital ships or banged up fleets. Executrix operates by destroying enemy ships, feeding Turn Meter to your ships in return. It heavily synergizes with fellow Empire ships, and can counter a Rebel fleet if you sent out an Imperial TIE Bomber to inflict Burning on all their ships.

Executrix is the 2nd easiest Capital ship to farm through in-game events. I would not recommend gearing Tarkin up too high or investing too many ship resources in Executrix, since there are better options out there.

Amilyn Holdo – Raddus | C Tier

Raddus is actually a pretty decent ship to use. Operating as a Support type of Capital ship for the Resistance faction, it lets other ships deal serious damage while keeping them safe. The Holdo Maneuver special is nasty for wiping out an enemy Capital ship. If you can’t clear the enemy fleet in GAC or Territory Wars, another ship can clean up the rest with ease as the enemy capital ship will still be defeated. However, Amilyn Holdo is a rough character to farm and gear, so that’s a knock on the ship.

There aren’t a lot of ships that synergize with Raddus since it seems that the Resistance fleet hasn’t been fully developed yet. Maybe once a few more ships are released, the Resistance kind find its place in the SWGOH Fleet meta.

The farming event for this capital ship is locked behind some difficult ship farms. Definitely an end game project for any player.

Grand Admiral Thrawn – Chimaera | C Tier

The Chimaera was once a behemoth in an ancient ship meta. The Chimaera still operates as a plug-and-play option, offering a fine balance between an offensive and support Capital ship. Chimaera can feed Turn Meter to allies or take away Turn Meter from enemies. It also heals allied ships, and can instakill any enemy ship and immediately give full health and protection to any ally ship. It’s very easy to fall in love with this Capital ship in the mid stage of SWGOH.

Grand Admiral Thrawn is an easy farm and is still viable throughout any and every game mode. Chimaera is a legendary ship event located in the Journey Guide, and uses easily farmable Rebel ships. The Chimaera is a highly recommended farm for newer players. The only reason why it’s ranked so low is because it doesn’t provide the upside of the other ships.

thrawn capital ship swgoh

General Hux – Finalizer | B Tier

General Hux’s Finalizer Capital ship is an excellent end game Capital ship to help fuel your Grand Arena Championship dominance. If you’re unlocking the Finalizer, you’re at the end game of SWGOH and most likely have a fleet of strong First Order characters and ships. Once the First Order characters receive high Relics and the Finalizer earns its 7 Stars, it’ll rival most ships it goes up against.

Hunted is a great new debuff that cripples attacks out of turn. You can inflict this debuff with the Finalizer’s Ultimate ability, Extinguish Hope. Most of the Finalizer’s abilities are built around the Hunted debuff, so use it strategically to enhance the firepower of ships like the Kylo Ren Unmasked TIE Silencer, First Order SF TIE Fighter, and First Order TIE Fighter.

The Finalizer has a high power ceiling, but at low gear levels or at 5 Stars, it doesn’t quite have the base power to keep itself and the ships it synergizes with competitive against other fleets.

Admiral Ackbar – Home One | A Tier

There’s no trap that a fully geared Rebel fleet can’t get out of. The last of the original three Capital ships, Home One should be among one of the first Capital ships you unlock in SWGOH. Admiral Ackbar thrives by giving its allied ships debuff cleanses, and assists to attack out of turn. Very few fleets can counter this monster fleet and its barrage of attacks.

The key to running a heavy hitting Rebel fleet is having a fully kitted out Millennium Falcon, Biggs’ X-Wing, and a Rebel Y-Wing. These ships are the foundation to Admiral Ackbar’s success. If you can protect the Millennium Falcon, it will do all the work, taking down any ship in its way. Even Bossk’s Hound’s Tooth ship can’t withstand the power of the Millennium Falcon.

General Grievous – Malevolence | S Tier

General Grievous’ Malevolence is the best attacking Capital ship in SWGOH. It’s among the two main Capital ships that own the Fleet Arena meta. Its unlimited reinforcements, crippling Stun-based attacks, and Overcharge buffs can make for an easy climb up the PvP ladder. Buyer beware: The AI won’t make the best decisions with this ship, so if you value your fleet rank your should keep both hands on the wheel.

The biggest downside with this ship is the Guild Events Store token farm. Players are required to have a strong guild that can keep up with the Light and Dark side Geonosis Territory Battles, earning them a substantial amount of Guild Events Store 2 tokens. General Grievous isn’t an easy farm either, but he’s definitely among one of the hardest hitting characters in SWGOH.

swgoh capital ships

General Kenobi – Negotiator | S+ Tier

The Negotiator is the most balanced ship in the game. It packs a serious punch with its Galactic Republic fleet through assists, it can feign death, and has strong synergy with Anakin’s ETA-2 Starfighter.

General Kenobi is a fairly accessible character to farm through the HAAT guild raid, and most of the Galactic Republic ships are easy to farm in the Fleet store. The major barrier for Negotiator is the exact same as the Malevolence- it is locked behind Guild Events Store 2 tokens. You’re only unlocking the Negotiator if you are a member of a strong guild.

General Kenobi’s capital ship has the ability to sprint up the PvP ladder and stay where it lands. The AI is reasonable and responsible, so you shouldn’t expect to be docked a tier in fleet rankings when you’re not looking. If you had to choose between Malevolence and Negotiator as your first GET2 Capital Ship, you should go for the Negotiator 11/10 times.

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