Tips and tricks to unlocking Ki Adi Mundi shards in SWGOH

Ki Adi Mundi is a long shot to get for most guilds in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Even with his release back in November 2019, the grand majority of SWGOH players haven’t even unlocked Ki Adi Mundi. The character requirements are steep, and the Journey Guide Event mission is painfully difficult and RNG-dependent. The best we can do is try to mitigate the damage for every attempt in the Light Side Geonosis Territory Battle Special Mission to try to unlock Ki Adi Mundi. Here are some key tips and tricks to unlocking Ki Adi Mundi shards in SWGOH.

Invest in gear and mods

It sounds silly to tell SWGOH players to gear their characters, but the Ki Adi Mundi (KAM) Special Mission is painfully difficult and not something you could typically cheese your way through. Make sure to gear and Relic your characters well past the mission requirements. While it might be overkill for some players, aim to have your CT-5555 “Fives” at Relic 7 and the rest of your squad at least hovering around Relic 5.

How to mod your KAM Special Mission squad:

    • Shaak Ti: Speed + Health | Aim for at least 300 Speed
    • CT-5555 “Fives”: 3 Health sets | Lots of Health and Protection
    • CT-7567 “Rex”: Speed + Health | Crit Damage Triangle mod and lots of Speed
    • CT-21-0408 “Echo”: Critical Chance + Critical Damage | Load him up on all the firepower
    • ARC Trooper: Critical Chance + Critical Damage | Load him up on all the firepower

It might take some mod flipping with your best characters to best optimize your squad. The key to the KAM Special Mission is survivability and battlefield management. This is a full standoff between your squad, Jango Fett and his droid escorts, and Reek.

fives swgoh relic

Kill order

Under no circumstances does the kill order change for the KAM Special Mission.

  • B2 Super Battle Droid (2x)
  • Jango Fett
  • Reek

Opening moves

Best practices call for targeting B2 Super Battle Droids first in this battle. Their frequent turns and AoE attacks give an extra hurdle that players won’t have to worry about if they kill them first.

ARC Trooper should only give his Blaster Turret to CT-7567 “Rex”. Under no circumstances should you pass along the Blaster Turret to any other Clone Trooper. Rex should be modded to be the fastest Clone Trooper on your squad, which gives the Blaster Turret the most opportunities to assist attacking.

Shaak Ti should typically give her Special ability, Training Exercises, to CT-21-0408 “Echo” to continue stacking bonuses to his Critical Damage. If Shaak Ti has stacks of Trampled, she should also use Stand Your Ground to remove those stacks on her. Fives is the only other character that should be cleansed of Trampled so that he can give all the bonuses to stats on his sacrifice.

How to kill Jango Fett

You need to have more stacks of Trampled than Jango Fett in order to damage him, otherwise he’s immune to all damage. You can get stacks of Trampled by getting attacked by Reek, so make sure you kill off Jango Fett before Reek to ensure you have opportunities to kill Jango.

Save Rex’s cleanse for Jango Fett’s AoE attack, Conflagration. It can do a lot of damage if unchecked, and be wary of taking on Jango Fett while low on health. If Jango Fett kills anybody on your squad, he immediately gains 100% Protection and Bounty Hunter’s Resolve, which revives him at 100% when defeated. Keep your squad’s Health topped up with Shaak Ti’s heals.

Rex’s Aerial Advantage Special ability won’t deal percentage damage against Reek, so save this ability for Jango Fett. Aerial Advantage deals physical damage plus bonus damage equal to 25% of the target’s Max Health for each turn a Clone Trooper ally has taken during the battle. That bonus stacks up by the time the 4-turn cooldown finishes up, which almost guarantees an instakill on Jango Fett. Just make sure that Rex has more stacks of Trampled than Jango Fett to deal your damage.

Some additional tips:

  • Keep Echo alive as long as possible, since he’s your squad’s main damage dealer.
  • Always use ARC Trooper Assign Command ability as it does more damage than his Basic. It’s fine to assign the Blaster Turret to the same clone (ideally Rex) every time.
  • Jango Fett earns massive bonuses to his Damage output if Reek dies first. Jango Fett needs to be killed before Reek on every Special Mission attempt.
  • Trampled prevents assists to attacks.
  • Reek gains bonus Turn Meter if attacked. Hit Jango Fett, even if immune, to prevent giving Reek extra turns.
  • If Fives has more than three stacks of Trampled when he triggers his sacrifice, Fives will give his Clone Trooper allies negative Protection. Make sure to use Stand Your Ground on Fives to prevent that from happening.

Good luck taking on the most difficult mission in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes! Be sure to stay tuned for more SWGOH guides and content!

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