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Chilling Reign, the newest set of Pokemon TCG Online, has some of the best and most meta-defining cards in the Sword and Shield Expansion. The set also features some beautiful artwork and a couple of fan-favorite Pokemon making it into the list of Pokemon VS.

Vivid Voltage and Champion’s Path didn’t contribute much to the game and Battle Styles was decent, but Chilling Reign has pretty much turned the game around. It threatens some of the top decks in the game, and with other top decks Rotating soon, these new cards will be ruling as kings.

We’re already seeing a big change. Horses are winning tournaments, ADP is slowly fading away, and Psychic type decks have become Tier 1. Here are ten of the best cards in Pokemon TCG Online: Chilling Reign.

10. Passimian


Reject horse meta, return to monke. Passimian’s ability gives your Rapid Strike Pokemon a damage buff against your opponent’s benches V or GX Pokemon. This makes it a good inclusion in decks having Rapid Strike Urshifu and Telescopic Sight. All it needs to do is sit on the Bench and keep doing whatever it’s doing with its coconut.

9. Galarian Moltres V

Galarian Moltres V

Are you like me? Do you use Eternatus VMAX and keep losing your Energy to Crushing Hammers? Introducing: Galarian Moltres. Pair this with an Energy Switch and you’ll be getting your Energies back in no time! That is, if you can get yourself to look away from this beautiful card before the timer ends.

Even Moltres’ own attack can be fast-tracked using Direflame Wings. If you attach one Energy directly on turn one and another with the Ability, you can get the third Energy on turn two and use your 190 attack immediately.

8. Zeraora V

Zeraora V

Here’s one more example of Chilling Reign’s top-tier artwork. Zeraora is another addition to the Passimian + RS Urshifu + Telescopic Sight combination I mentioned earlier. Like all three of those cards, Zeraora’s Crossfist attack targets your opponent’s Benched Pokemon. The only condition is that you must have used a Rapid Strike Pokemon’s attack the previous turn, and are able to pronounce the Pokemon correctly without calling it “Zoroark.”

Now the 160 is enough to knock out a Dedenne-GX in itself, but with Telescopic Sight you’ll be sniping your opponent’s Crobats too. Add to that Urshifu’s Bench damage and you can KO half of the Pokemon V in the game.

Blaziken VMAX + Zeraora V has been a pretty popular deck in recent tournaments. It hasn’t been winning because of the Calyrex decks, but it’s still doing pretty well.

7. Melony

Pokemon TCG Online Chilling Reign Melony

Melony is going to be a staple in Water decks such as Lapras VMAX, Inteleon VMAX, and the new Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX. These decks have already had Frosmoth for Energy acceleration, and Melony further allows you to attach another Energy to your Pokemon in the same turn. That’s a total of 3 Energy attached and 4 cards drawn per turn, which is yet another broken combination Chilling Reign has introduced to us. Melony? More like felony.

6. Cresselia

Pokemon TCG Online Chilling Reign Cresselia

Cresselia is to Psychic decks what Volcanion is to Fire decks. Crescent Glow is just like Volcanion’s Flare Starter and allows you to accelerate Energy onto your Pokemon in the early game. Even the second attack, Photon Laser, is similar to Volcanion’s High-Heat Blast and allows you to deal extra damage depending on the number of Energy in play. If you’re playing a Psychic deck, Cresselia’s a must-have.

5. Galarian Zapdos V

Galarian Zapdos V

Just when we thought the Urshifus were a good counter to Eternatus VMAX, Galarian Zapdos V comes in. A typical Eternarus deck will have two Eternatus Vs and one Crobat V in play early-on. This brings down Zapdos’ Thunderous Kick to one energy, letting it deal 340 damage (due to Weakness) and one-shotting any card in that deck. And don’t forget that some of the most meta GX Pokemon rotate out in 2021, and there will be even more V and VMAX Pokemon in play.

4. Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX

Pokemon TCG Online Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX

Rider Calyrex VMAX is great and makes for one of the best Water decks, but not too many people are going to be using it. Max Lance is a great attack and pairs well with Melony. Water decks have never had an issue with drawing Energy, and you can expect to consistently deal 250 damage with Max Lance.

Ride of the High King is also a good attack, and is yet another counter to Eternatus decks. If your opponent is playing one and has a full Bench, you’ll be dealing 250 damage with just two Energy on your Calyrex. It’s definitely a top-tier deck when paired with Cincinno or Inteleon, and it has been doing exceptionally well in tournaments. It’s just not outright broken like Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX, which a lot of people think looks better as well.

3. Fog Crystal

Fog Crystal

We all saw this coming, didn’t we? Psychic Types finally have a good item card of their own for Standard gameplay, and it is insane. Being able to fetch Energy and Basic Pokemon is never a bad option, making Fog Crystal a no-brainer in any Psychic deck. It will always fetch you something you need. It also synergizes well with Calyrex’s Ability, which allows you to put Energy onto your Pokemon and deals extra damage depending on the amount of Energy you have in play.

2. Path to the Peak

Path to the Peak

I don’t know what peak this card is talking about, but it is the best Trainer card in Chilling Reign. Path to the Peak shuts down half of the best cards in the game by disabling Abilities of Pokemon having a Rule Box. With Chaotic Swell Rotating out, this card will see a lot of play. The Rule Box is a new term added in the Battle Styles set that refers to the “Rule” at the bottom-right of Pokemon cards, such as the GX, V, or VMAX Rule that lets your opponent take multiple Prize cards on knocking it out.

This applies to some of the most used cards such as Crobat V, Dedenne V, Zacian V, and even Eternatus VMAX. With this card in play, your Quick Balls are essentially useless to fetch cards like Crobat, and you are forced to rely on your Supporters instead.

1. Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX

Pokemon TCG Online Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX

This card has single-handedly won most of the Pokemon TCG Online tournaments since Chilling Reign released. Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX has undoubtedly made one of the best decks in the format ever, and there are so many ways to play it! You can pair it with TrevNoir, Mewtwo, or even Gengar & Mimikyu-GX.

It has the utility of a Zoroark-GX with the firepower of an Eternatus VMAX. It pairs well with Cresselia and Fog Crystal, making for quick setups where your Pokemon are stacked with Psychic Energy within a few turns. The Calyrex V also has a good first attack that prevents your opponent from using Special Energy or Stadium Cards, which is a great counter to Path to the Peak.

Some articles end with a bang. This one ends in debt. With trade prices as high as 33 CR, this is the most expensive deck in the game right now. And you need 4 of each (V/VMAX), which totals up to a minimum of 160 CR. That’s 60 packs more than the cost of 2020’s best and most expensive decks. Pokemon will come and go, but your credit card will always be meta.

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