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Evolving Skies, the newest set in Pokemon TCG Online, brings some of the most iconic Pokemon such as Rayquaza, Gyarados, and the Eeveelutions into their V forms.

As we cover the top 10 Pokemon cards in Evolving Skies, I will be ranking them according to their post-rotation capabilities. The meta is shifting drastically with the September 2021 rotation, and most of the decks that have reigned in 2020/21 are about to step out of the Standard format.

Here are ten of the best cards in Pokemon TCG Online: Evolving Skies.

10. Duraludon VMAX

Pokemon TCG Online Evolving Skies Duraludon VMAX

Duraludon VMAX makes it to this list because of its ability Skyscraper, which makes it immune to all attacks by Pokemon with Special Energy on them. In the Single Strike and Rapid Strike meta, Special Energy is everywhere. Duraludon falls short of firepower with its 220 attack, which is a bit too weak for a 3-Energy cost. After that, its Weakness and the side-effect of its attack don’t matter all that much.

9. Sylveon VMAX

Pokemon TCG Online Evolving Skies Sylveon VMAX

Sylveon VMAX is easily the most unique Eeveelution in this set because of its mechanics. Max Harmony deals +30 damage for each different type of Pokemon on your Bench, and can be added to any deck because of its Colorless Energy cost. While the damage output is still pretty average, Sylveon has its own Tool card called “Ribbon Badge” that turns it into a two-Prizer. With this card attached, Sylveon VMAX essentially gets the HP of a VMAX, but the cost of a V.

Max Harmony benefits from cards such as Crobat V and Oranguru that can be used in any deck, but the real question is: how many decks really have space for a Sylveon V and VMAX? Sylveon VMAX is borderline gimmicky and would be much better if it dealt +40 damage instead of +30. It is also weak against Steel types, meaning the popular Zacian V can OHKO it with ease.

8. Suicune V

Pokemon TCG Online Evolving Skies Suicune V

Suicune V makes for a decent addition to Water decks. Its ability, Fleet Footed, lets you draw cards – which is great – but it required Suicune to be in the Active spot. Blizzard Rondo does a lot of damage with just 2 Energies, but it depends on how many Benched Pokemon you and your opponent have.

Suicune V pairs well with Echoing Horn from Chilling Reign, which lets you put Pokemon from your opponent’s discard pile onto their Bench. The damage output (about 220) is great, but it’s situational and by the time both of your Benches are full, Suicune will probably be the weakest attacker you have in play. With cards like these, the question remains: is it worth forcing such combinations when you can get a few extra staple cards in your deck instead?

7. Galarian Articuno

Pokemon TCG Online Evolving Skies Galarian Articuno

All of the three Legendary birds have similar abilities that let them attach Energies upon landing on your Bench, but Galarian Articuno makes it to this list because of its type.

Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX is one of the best decks in the format, and it deals more damage based on the number of Psychic Energy you have in play. Articuno makes for a perfect addition to those decks, just for that +60 boost it automatically brings in.

6. Leafeon VMAX

Pokemon TCG Online Evolving Skies Leafeon VMAX

Leafeon VMAX is one of the best Grass attackers Pokemon TCG Online has given us lately. Grass Knot deals 60x damage based on your opponent’s Retreat Cost, which you can bump up using Galar Mine from Rebel Clash. This Stadium adds 2 to the Retreat Costs of both Active Pokemon, letting you deal tons of damage with just two Energies.

Leafeon V also has an ability to attach Grass energy to your Pokemon each turn, so the VMAX will be powered up pretty quickly and you can expect to go up against your opponent’s unevolved Vs that you can actually OHKO.

5. Glaceon VMAX

Pokemon TCG Online Evolving Skies Glaceon VMAX

Glaceon VMAX has Zamzenta’s VMAX immunity which is extremely valuable in this meta. With TAG Teams gone, VMAXes have free reign, and Glaceon’s Crystal Veil works perfectly to disable some of the best decks in the game. Add to that a 150+30 attack, which makes Glaceon VMAX a great addition to Water decks.

4. Medicham V

Pokemon TCG Online Evolving Skies Medicham V

On its own, Medicham V wouldn’t make it so far up on the list. But on my own, even I wouldn’t have made it so far in life.

Medicham V makes for an excellent addition to one of the best decks in the game: Urshifu + Inteleon. With its ability Yoga Loop, Medicham V can give you an extra turn. This means you can play another Supporter, draw another card, use your Abilities one more time, and attack once again. Of course, the ability doesn’t truly “loop” and can’t be used in consecutive turns, but it’s still a fantastic one as it is.

3. Rayquaza VMAX

Pokemon TCG Online Evolving Skies Rayquaza VMAX

Our lord and savior finally has a VMAX card. Just look at him. Look at his face. Do you know why he’s so happy? Look at his Weakness!

Rayquaza VMAX is a Dragon-type Single Strike card with a great ability and a two-energy attack. Azure Pulse allows you to burn through your deck and draw cards, and you can do this multiple times each turn if you have a few more Rayquaza VMAXes in play. Max Burst deals +80 damage for each Fire or Electric Energy you discard, and pairs very well with Flaaffy (#1 on this list) and Rose from Darkness Ablaze. It can easily OHKO most meta Pokemon, which makes me wonder why this is not a Single Strike Pokemon.

2. Umbreon VMAX

Pokemon TCG Online Evolving Skies Umbreon VMAX

Umbreon VMAX’s ability is essentially a built-in Boss’s Orders. It gives you the option to switch one of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon with their Active. Boss’s Orders has been one of the best Supporter cards in the game for a while now, and having its effect in an ability means you can use other Supporters on the same turn instead. Umbreon is a Single Strike card and pairs well with the Houndoom from Chilling Reign.

Max Darkess doesn’t look so special with the 160 damage, but Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX, one of the best cards in the game right now, has Dark as its weakness. It also happens to have 320 HP, meaning Umbreon VMAX can one-shot it with ease.

1. Flaaffy

Pokemon TCG Online Evolving Skies Flaaffy

Who would’ve thought, that in a set with godly dragons, a pink little sheep would be the best card? Dynamotor, Flaaffy’s ability, lets you attach Electric Energy from your discard pile to any of your Benched Pokemon. Flaffy is made to support Rayquaza VMAX and Boltund V, helping them charge up their attacks each turn. This also means that Rayquaza VMAX doesn’t have to worry about discarding Energies anymore. Flaaffy is also going to be an incredible addition to Pikarom decks in Expanded and I bet you there will be more decks in the future that will benefit from a Flaaffy in them.

Fun fact: this exact same card was released ten years ago, but with the Pokemon Eelektrik on it. The expansion was called “Noble Victories”, and it was just the second main expansion from the BW era of Pokemon TCG.

Eelektrik Noble Skies
Eelektrik from Noble Victories, 2011

While Pokemon TCG Online: Evolving Skies isn’t as meta-defining as Chilling Reign, it has certainly put out some interesting cards in the game. The set also features excellent Trainer cards such as Raihan and Stormy Mountains, which will see a lot of play in the future. And as always, the artwork is top-notch, especially for the alternate art V/VMAX cards.

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