Top 8 best Mutations in the Eternal Cylinder Beta

The Eternal Cylinder puts players on an alien world and in control of an animal called a Trebhum. Trebhum are unique animals that can obtain abilities by eating other animals or plants. These abilities vary, and can make Trebhum powerful threats or defenseless prey. Let’s take a look at the best and most useful mutations in The Eternal Cylinder beta.

8. Leaping Legs

This is the first mutation you find in The Eternal Cylinder and it is incredibly useful. You obtain the Leaping Legs mutation by eating a Hophopop pod. These legs allow your Trebhum to jump high into the air, making them perfect for getting around steep terrain, exploring caves, or climbing mountains.

While Leaping Legs is not as cool as some other mutations, it is a must-have for getting around.

leaping-legs top mutations the eternal cylinder

7. Filter Trunk

Throughout the landscape of the Trebhum’s world there are trenches filled with toxic gas. These trenches can contain valuable items the Trebhum need, or they may protect ancient shrines. So figuring out how to get into these trenches without dying is important for a Trebhum.

The Filter Trunk mutation is what allows Trebhum to safely travel through these toxic fumes, allowing them to pick up all the items hidden in the trenches and to get to their destination. Being able to go into these toxic trenches also allows Trebhum to use them to escape predators.

To gain the Filter Trunk mutation, a Trebhum must eat a Filterfluff. This comes off a plant that looks like a dandelion’s seeds.

Trenches are not the only places Trebhum will encounter toxic gas. There are predators that use toxic gas attacks to kill their prey. But with the Filter Trunk mutation, all of these attacks are rendered useless against Trebhum.

filter-trunk top mutations in the Eternal Cylinder

6. Inflatable Body

The Inflatable Body mutation is obtained from the Hardened Aeronut near the end of The Eternal Cylinder beta. The Hardened Aeronut grows on unique looking trees called Weeping Trees, and have a hard outer shell that must be cracked. Shooting the Hardened Aeronut at the ground or rocks will break it open, giving you the edible Aeronut Mesocarp.

Eating the Aeronut Mesocarp gives the Inflatable Body mutation and allows the Trebhum to float temporarily. The main advantage of the Inflatable Body mutation is that it allows you to use geysers to go high in the sky, letting you reach places you normally would not be able to.

While the floating ability is limited, it does offer some other benefits. If you have Leaping Legs combined with Inflatable Body, you can explore tough to reach places much more easily. This is because when you float into the sides of cliffs or structures, the Trebhum rolls off it, rather than just stopping and falling down. With this mutation you can masterfully push yourself up the sides of cliffs to see what is on top.

inflatable-body top mutations the Eternal Cylinder

5. Mineral Processor

There are many different types of minerals in The Eternal Cylinder that you can find inside caves and shrines. However, you cannot do anything with these minerals unless you have the Mineral Processor mutation.

The Mineral Processor mutation is rare, and can be obtained from the Lithotroph Mushroom. This mushroom is only found on special Trebhum statues inside caves or shrines. This is what makes the Lithortoph Mushroom so rare, as you will not always find these Trebhum Statues inside a cave.

With the Mineral Processor mutation you can refine all the minerals you get into a special currency. This currency allows you to upgrade your Trebhum’s stats at unique shrines. So if you want the strongest Trebhum possible, then you must refine every mineral you get.

mineral-processor top mutations in the Eternal Cylinder beta

4. Third Eye

The Third Eye is another rare mutation only found on unique Trebhum statues. These statues can be found inside caves or shrines. Broken versions of these statues can also be found around the landscape if you just look around. The item on these statues is called the Amber Eye and eating it gives the Third Eye mutation.

The Third Eye allows you to track anything you have registered to your compendium, making finding materials or food a lot easier. This can be useful when you are in need of food, or want to get a hold of a specific mutation.

third-eye top mutations the eternal cylinder

3. Aposematic Skin

The Trebhum’s world is full of hungry predators eager to eat them. Luckily, Trebhum can protect themselves with the Aposematic Skin mutation. You can get this from the Prickly Pome that grows on a particular spiky yellow plant, which is usually found in the desert, but there are some conveniently growing in the starting area near the water.

Once you find a plant, you will see the Prickly Pone can be just out of reach. In order to get the fruit down, you must shoot water at it. Now you can eat the Prickly Pone and get the Aposematic Skin, which covers your Trebhum in spikes.

This skin will make any predator that tries to eat your Trebhum spit them out, which means you no longer have to fear for your life every time a Zooshgarg or Omnogrom gets too close. This is one of the best defensive mutations in The Eternal Cylinder.


2. Toxic Trunk

The Toxic Trunk mutation is one of the few offensive mutations a Trebhum can get. It allows the Trebhum to shoot out a toxic liquid that damages anything it touches. This allows the Trebhum to actually defend themselves against predators. It is possible for Trebhum to kill most creatures with the acid from the Toxic Trunk, if they can manage to do enough damage.

But the Toxic Trunk is no easy mutation to obtain, because it comes from eating the Tonglegrop Acid Pump. This can only be obtained by killing a Tonglegrop, the apex predator of the savanna. Killing a Tonglegrop is no easy task. as these massive beasts can kill Trebhum in seconds.

However, they can be outsmarted! The best way to take down a Tonglegrop is to lure it towards the Celestial Trewhaala, another aggressive predator which uses a ranged lightning attack on anything that comes near it. In the beta, the one Celestial Trewhaala you come across stays in one spot, and the small size of the Trebhum allow them to easily hide from it. On the other hand, the Tonglegrop is way too big to hide behind anything. All you have to do is lure the Tonglegrop near the Celestiel Trewhaala and then duck behind a tree for cover. Now you can enjoy your new Toxic Trunk!

There is one more strategy to take down a Tonglegrop, which is to lure two Tonglegrops together. This can be harder to do, since having two Tonglegrops spawn in the same area is rare. If you manage to find two, just lure them together and they will attack each other, allowing you to get two Tonglegrop Acid Pumps for free.


1. Wheel Body

From all mutations The Eternal Cyliner beta, the Wheel Body is by far the best offensive mutation. This mutation gives the Trebhum a cylinder looking body and makes them roll slower than normal. The downside is well worth it though, as the Wheel Body mutation makes you deal damage to anything you roll into.

What makes the Wheel Body so good is the amount of damage it can deal out. You can kill most creatures with the Wheel Body faster than with the Toxic Trunk. Just remember to be careful, as being up close to certain creatures puts you at risk of taking damage as well.

The only creature Trebhum cannot face with the Wheel Body mutation is the Tonglegrop.


You can obtain the Wheel Body mutation from the Tubular Pod, item which is hidden after the first set of pillars in the Eternal Cylinder beta.

To find the Tubular Pod, look for a broken sideways pillar leading to a small ramp. You need to roll down this pillar and use the ramp to shoot your Trebhum into the air, and land on top of a standing pillar.

If you want to see what all these mutations look like in game check out my video below showcasing all of them!

[BETA] All Mutations in the Eternal Cylinder Beta!

Those are the top 8 best mutations in The Eternal Cylinder beta. There are many more mutations in the game, offering various ways for Trebhum to adapt to their environment. Given that this was only a small glimpse of the entire game, I am excited for what other mutations lie ahead

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