Total War: Troy complete beginners guide

Total War is a series of video games developed by Sega and, although I didn’t get to play all of the games – as there are over 15 games plus spin-offs – I can definitely say that it’s one of my favorite franchises, despite the occasional historical inaccuracies. The newest title in the series, Total War: Troy, came out recently and as I’ve been grinding that game, I figured I’d share my insights with new players in guide form.

This is the complete Total War: Troy beginners guide to get you started.

Total War: Troy Beginners Guide

Choosing an objective

Starting off this Total War: Troy beginners guide, let’s talk objectives. The game offers two different objectives to the player: the Troy Victory and the Homeric Victory. Before choosing one, I really encourage you to read the requirements, which we will be exploring now.

Troy Victory

This objective is common for all factions, and the requirements for the Troy Victory are as follows:

  • Defeating your antagonist;
  • Capturing, sacking or razing 100 settlements;
  • Controlling specific provinces directly or indirectly (through vassals and allies).

Homeric Victory

In order to complete the Homeric Victory, players will have to work a bit harder, as the requirements are a bit more complex:

  • Completing all epic missions from the selected faction’s leader;
  • Defeating specific factions from the opposing side;
  • Some additional requirements that come with each faction.

I advise you to go with the Troy Victory first, and then once you’re more comfortable with the game, move on to the Homeric Victory. Both can be played from the start, but I really feel like the Troy Victory is more accessible to new players.

Getting “assigned” an antagonist

What do I mean by getting “assigned” and an antagonist? Well, let’s put it this way: every hero has to have an arch-nemesis, and this game follows that rule very seriously.

So, you start your game and Total War will select a faction to be your first antagonist. But why are they antagonizing you exactly? Well, the reason can take a variety of forms. Maybe you viciously attacked their faction, or committed some inexplicable crime against them. Betrayal is also a possible story thread.

And no, there’s no way you can just skip this part, as defeating your first antagonist is part of the Troy Victory. In fact, once the antagonist has been chosen, the diplomacy feature will be completely disabled. That means there will be no diplomacy convos, no marrying your daughter off to some old dude with influence in the enemy kingdom, none of that. Just, you know, the usual fight to the death type deal.

Total War: Troy Beginners Guide

Completing some epic missions

Epic missions are no more, no less than a series of quests you’ll have to perform for your chosen faction leader. Some of those missions will be pretty straightforward, like improving relationships with lords, or getting yours or someone else’s influence to reach over 60%. Others will be a bit more complex, presenting you with a certain dilemma – no, I won’t mention an example for this sort of mission, otherwise, I’d be spoiling the game for you.

This is where the game gets confusing for me, as sometimes you’ll immediately get an epic mission once you finish one, and then other times, you’ll have to wait a lot of time before getting another. But don’t worry, you just do your thing and eventually, the game will remember to put you in the right direction.

Using resources to your advantage

While previous Total War games would have you deal only with gold, in Total War: Troy, you’ll find yourself needing to manage multiple resources:

  • Food, for unit recruitment, and basic military building;
  • Wood and Stone, for more advanced building construction;
  • Bronze, for heavy armor unit recruitment;
  • Gold, for special units, prayers, and rededicating temples.

Those are the main uses for the resources, but sometimes you’ll need them for Royal Decrees and even special events or dilemmas you come across.

If you find yourself in dire need of a specific resource, I advise you to take a look at which of your settlements produces that resource, then create buildings meant to boost production.

Total War Troy beginners guide


The bartering system in Total War: Troy allows the player to exchange all sorts of resources at their disposal. And my favorite part is you can use these as leverage for alliances, acquiring vassals, or even gaining new settlements.

I fully take advantage of this exchange system when I play, and advise you to use it too.

Troops, combat and battlefield tactics

In Total Way: Troy, we have the epic heroes, heroes, and units. Epic heroes are playable characters, such as Achilles, Agamemnon, Hector, Menelaus, and others. The heroes are faction leaders, generals, or infamous lords across the map. As for units, they are the most basic troops you will command, and work as they did in previous Total War games.

Rage and Aristeia

Rage is a resource that is accumulated by epic heroes during battle, and players can use their character’s rage to gain an advantage. The higher the rage, the more special abilities you can use.

As for Aristeia, it’s a sort of an epic moment for the player. When activated, the player gets a lot of special buffs:

  • No cooldown for any of the abilities of the hero;
  • 20% more armor;
  • 30% more melee attack strength;
  • Unbreakable and Freeze Stamina increase considerably.

Both rage and Aristeia are extremely important and can change the tide of battle, especially if you are outnumbered or cornered.


Total War: Troy wouldn’t be Total War without the occasional siege. I have to mention that this is in my opinion a weak point in the game, as the siege weapons at our disposal are quite limited.

Then again, as compensation for the poor number of siege weapons, the game allows epic heroes to find a blind spot right in front of the gates, and slash at them until they open up. All in all, there is a balance to it, though to be honest, I’d prefer more siege weapons and no superhuman strength.

Total War: Troy Beginners Guide

Conquering the city of Troy

If you chose to play as a Greek, then this city will definitely be on the priority list among Greek leaders. Sega have done a great job at recreating the decisive battle of the Trojan War to the same epic proportions history describes it in, and I think that’s pretty cool. Conquering the city of Troy is quite the rush.

However, you should know that winning here is no easy task. The Trojan army will send reinforcements into battle each time you take down a unit. So train and recruit the best heroes possible and be fully prepared for the battle of your life.

The Divine Will of the Gods

Gods and Goddesses play a significant role in this game. No, you won’t be seeing them walking around wreaking havoc and mayhem all over the place. You won’t be seeing them at all, actually. But the game was made so that the player can receive very awesome active and passive buffs, just for worshiping deities. And by worship, I mean building temples and shrines, praying to one or several Gods, gaining favor from priestesses, or committing sacrifices.

And we’ve reached the end of our Total War: Troy beginners guide. Stay tuned – I have more Total War guides on the way!

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