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If you don’t have the cards for a Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX deck, the deck I’ll go over in this guide is an excellent option for both competitive and ladder matches. Umbreon VMAX and Single Strike Urshifu VMAX is one of the best decks in Pokemon TCG Online right now and made it to our list of the Top 10 Standard decks for 2022. It is one of those decks that every other deck needs to counter or not have a Type-disadvantage against, because a lot of people have been using it since the release of the Evolving Skies expansion.

Single Strike Urshifu VMAX previously existed as its own deck with just the Houndoom engine, and while it was pretty strong already, it received a serious upgrade with the release of Umbreon VMAX from Evolving Skies. The deck now has some great synergy and two main attackers, and with Dedenne-GX out of the Standard meta, you also don’t have to worry about constantly discarding your Single Strike Energy.

Umbreon and Urshifu VMAX deck list for Pokemon TCG Online

Here’s one of the most efficient decks for Umbreon and Urshifu VMAX in the Standard format of Pokemon TCG Online.

****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

##Pokémon – 19

* 1 Crobat V SHF 44
* 4 Houndour BST 95
* 3 Umbreon V EVS 94
* 4 Houndoom BST 96
* 2 Umbreon VMAX EVS 95
* 3 Single Strike Urshifu V BST 85
* 2 Single Strike Urshifu VMAX BST 86

##Trainer Cards – 31

* 4 Marnie CPA 56
* 4 Professor’s Research SHF 60
* 2 Boss’s Orders RCL 189
* 4 Evolution Incense SSH 163
* 4 Quick Ball SSH 216
* 4 Urn of Vitality BST 139
* 1 Switch SSH 183
* 2 Air Balloon SSH 156
* 1 Tool Jammer BST 136
* 1 Single Strike Scroll of Scorn BST 133
* 4 Tower of Darkness BST 137

##Energy – 10

* 4 Capture Energy DAA 201
* 4 Single Strike Energy BST 141
* 2 Fighting Energy Energy 6

Total Cards – 60

This is not the simplest deck, as it has a lot going on. I would not recommend this deck to newer players because it can easily get overwhelming with a bunch of options for Trainer Cards, Pokemon, and even Energy Cards.

Deck composition explained

Single Strike Urshifu VMAX and Umbreon VMAX are your main attackers. This deck only uses one Crobat V, but you can go for two if you like. The only challenge is that you have two attackers and a Houndoom engine to power up those attackers, and you might not always have space on the Bench for the Crobat V. Houndoom can fetch and attach Single Strike Energy every turn, and having two of those will make your deck extremely efficient.

This deck uses a lot of Special Energy, and I would highly recommend getting them in the exact counts mentioned above. From the Pokemon, you could go with a 3-3 line for Houndour-Houndoom and add extra Trainer Cards or Energy Cards instead. You could switch out the Tool Jammer for another Single Strike Scroll of Scorn, but I would keep the rest of the Single Strike essentials as they are.

Single Strike Urshifu VMAX and Houndoom

This section in itself was how the deck was structured before Umbreon VMAX was released. In the 2021 meta, Single Strike Urshifu VMAX was a pretty good deck on its own that could counter popular decks like Pikarom and Eternatus. Pikarom is gone but Eternatus is still going strong, and Urshifu slams that and other Dark decks with ease.

Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX Umbreon deck
Image by The Pokemon Company

G-Max One Blow – 270
Discard all Energy from this Pokémon. This attack’s damage isn’t affected by any effects on your opponent’s Active Pokémon.

This attack is absolutely broken. Discarding Energy doesn’t matter in today’s meta, where you can easily get 3 Prize cards with one such attack. G-Max One Blow can easily go over 320, with Single Strike Energies giving you +20 damage each.

The big issue here, one that keeps this deck from being S-Tier, is Urshifu’s weakness. Being weak to Psychic attacks makes it an easy target for Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX decks, which are inarguably the best decks in the game right now. Against every other deck in the meta, this deck does pretty well, and dominates neutral matchups with its 270+ attack.

Umbreon VMAX and Single Strike Energy

Single Strike Energy is the reason why a Dark Pokemon fits so well with Urshifu, giving your deck more options, strength, a great ability, and a good attacker against Calyrex.

Single Strike Energy 
As long as this card is attached to a Pokémon, it provides Fighting and Darkness Energy but provides only 1 Energy at a time, and the attacks of the Pokémon this card is attached to do 20 more damage to your opponent’s Active Pokémon (before applying Weakness and Resistance).

Being a Dark Type Pokemon and a Single Strike Pokemon, Umbreon VMAX makes for the perfect addition to the Urshifu VMAX deck.

Umbreon VMAX Urshifu Pokemon TCG Online
Image by The Pokemon Company

It has a simple 160 damage attack for 3 Energy, which might sound underwhelming, but the attack goes up to 220 with three Single Strike Energies. Also, Umbreon VMAX has a fantastic ability that lets you switch your opposing Pokemon when you evolve Umbreon V. It is essentially an in-built Boss’s Orders, and makes this deck super-threatening to go up against.

Umbreon V in itself doesn’t have anything going on, but it has 200 HP and can hold off while you wait for the perfect opportunity to use Dark Signal. However, if you are up against Leafeon V, I would recommend evolving it sooner. Umbreon has Grass as its weakness and Leafeon decks posee a serious threat.

Trainer and Energy cards

Capture Energy is excellent for setting this deck up, but you will want to prioritize using them. It also fits in well because your main attackers have space for Colorless Energy. Urn of Vitality is a good Item Card to fetch your discarded Energies, and you will be using it quite often.

Tower of Darkness is a great staple for all Single Strike decks. You will be using it to discard your spare Houndooms, but do not discard your Energy to fetch it back using the Urn. The Single Strike Scroll of Scorn gives you a good secondary attack that can be game-changing. Suppose you are up against a deck like Calyrex that is easily doing a lot of damage to you. The Scroll can let you do 10 more than the damage it did to your Urshifu VMAX, and with just one Energy attachment. Add the Single Strike Energy’s buffs and that goes up to

How good is the Umbreon and Urshifu deck in Pokemon TCG Online?

This deck is pretty amazing in the current meta, although it has two clear threats. Calyrex counters Urshifu and the Leafeon-Inteleon deck counters Umbreon, but one of the deck’s strengths is that there is no other deck that will absolutely crush both of your attackers. The Umbreon and Urshifu deck sits comfortably in the top 5 of almost every Standard tournament, and has had a consistently high success rate so far. It is a no-brainer on the Ladder too, if you have the cards for it.

This deck can be hard to play with, but it is worth the effort as no other deck can guarantee a 270+ attack like Urshifu does. With Umbreon helping you switch Pokemon at will, getting OHKOs on VMAX Pokemon is easy. However, if you are looking for a simpler deck for the 2022 format, I would recommend the Dragapult VMAX and Inteleon deck.

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