Unlocking cosmetics, emotes, and nameplates in Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers offers loads of opportunities to customize the cosmetics of the game’s many iconic heroes. As you continue to put the beat down on A.I.M.’s forces, you can reap the spoils of your hard work by unlocking new cosmetic skins, emotes, and nameplates.

Your cosmetic choices don’t positively or negatively affect the stats of any given hero. Though, the options allow you to put your own personal touch on the catalog of heroes available in Marvel’s Avengers. Many are steeped in the history of Marvel comics and reference specific comic arcs and stories.

A large number of cosmetics can be unlocked through the Hero Challenge Cards, aka the Battle Pass of each hero. Others can be purchased by vendors. The game also has a marketplace where players can use real-world currency to purchase credits towards skins.

We’ll break down all the options you have so you can begin unlocking your favorite cosmetics in Marvel’s Avengers.

Cosmetics breakdown

Each playable character in Marvel’s Avengers has its own Cosmetics menu tab. Venturing into this menu, you’ll discover four sub-categories: Outfits, Emotes, Takedowns, and Nameplates.

Each of these categories acts as a cosmetic option in small and large ways. Outfits will dictate how your hero looks while playing the campaign and multiplayer missions. Your character will also wear the chosen outfit during cutscenes.

Emotes can be selected while in-game. They can be as simple as throwing up a thumbs up to companions and other players in your party.

Takedowns are slightly geared more towards gameplay. When fighting and stunning an enemy, you’ll see an option to use a takedown move (B+Y on Xbox One, Circle + Triangle on PlayStation 4). The animation your character does is determined by the takedown you have unlocked and selected.

Finally, Nameplates are what is shown along with your Gamertag, PSN ID, Steam ID, etc. It’s very similar to the Calling Cards in Call of Duty, Titles in Paladins and so on. They usually reference a particular Marvel comic or iconic appearance of said hero.

You may naturally stumble on some of the more common cosmetics while playing the game. A few can be unlocked while opening chests and strongboxes during missions. However, you’ll be constantly dealing with RNG. There’s no guarantee where or how you can find any given cosmetic. If there’s a particular skin or emote you’re looking for, you may have to unlock it through other means.

Hero Challenge Cards

Hero Challenge Cards act as Marvel’s Avengers’ Battle Pass system. Each hero has a Challenge Card with 40 tiers of unlockable skins, nameplates, emotes, and resources.

In order to complete the Hero Challenge Card of any given hero, you will have to grind the completion of daily and weekly challenges. These challenges can be anything for ‘Defeat X number of enemies using Heavy Attacks’ or ‘Defeat X number of enemies while flying’. The completion of each challenge awards you Challenge Points, automatically applied to the Hero Challenge Cards. You’ll also find that certain tiers of the Challenge Card offer units and credits. These act as in-game currency and will be important later.

It can be a bit much to take in at first glance. It’s always wise to keep tabs on the current daily and weekly challenges when starting a new mission. Try aiming to complete these as quickly as possible to continue unlocking new tiers on the Challenge Card.

Alternatively, you can purchase all four tiers and rewards of any Hero Challenge Card for $10 USD. This purchase will only be applied to one challenge card, so additional purchases will be required to unlock all rewards.

Cosmetic Vendors

Similar to the gear vendors in Marvel’s Avengers, cosmetic vendors offer outfits, nameplates and more. Vendors unlock roughly halfway through the campaign. Speaking to cosmetic vendors, you can purchase any of their offerings with the in-game currencies of resources, units and credits. Credits are a bit harder to come by, most commonly unlocked through the Challenge Cards or purchased with real-world currency. Units, on the other hand, can be found by opening chests during missions.

The catalog of cosmetics is on a rotation. Certain ones rotate on a daily basis while others are on a weekly rotation. The rarities of cosmetics range from common all the way to legendary.


Finally, the Marketplace is where you can find an assortment of outfits for purchase. The Marketplace can be found outside of the narrative and multiplayer component on Marvel’s Avengers’ home screen.

Here, outfits are on a daily and weekly rotation, similar to vendors. Anything found in the Marketplace can be purchased using credits. Again, credits may be purchased using real-world currency or can be earned through the progression of the game. A pack of 500 credits costs $5.00 USD. Credits also come in 2000, 5000, and 10,000 packs with bonus credits.

Marvel’s Avengers offers many methods for unlocking cosmetics to make the band of heroes feel like your own. Since all cosmetics are purely for visual aesthetics, Crystal Dynamics ensured there are no pay-to-win options in the game.

Navigating through the cosmetics offered, you’ll be met with the rich history of Marvel comics dating back to the Golden Age.

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