5 useful GTFO mods you should try

Co-op games are incredibly fun, as you get to play with friends and see how good or awful your teamwork actually is. GTFO is a co-op horror game that places you in a constant string of high-pressure situations as you and your unfortunate prisoner teammates fight and scream your way through an infested underground facility. You are forced to communicate and work with your team in order to survive.

I love games in their original version but, from time to time, I tend to install mods that improve the overall gameplay or mods that simply add more content to the game. That said, today we are exploring five of the most useful mods for GTFO. Before diving in, note that mods can only be used in private GTFO lobbies.

Bigger Arsenals

Bigger Arsenals is an awesome mod that unlocks all hidden weapons and tools from previous rundowns, therefore increasing your weapon and gear selection.

And to help you even further, this mod increases ammo capacity by 100% in all weapons and each ammo refill gives off an additional 50% ammo for the primary weapon and 30% for the secondary weapon. Last but not least, you can activate the Flashlight Pack which increases the flashlight visibility by 20%. Those of you who enjoy weapon skins will also get to add new skins to your favorite weapons.

Malachite Reshade

The Malachite Reshade mod is all about color correction. As someone who plays a lot, my eyes can get tired pretty quickly and the colors and lighting on GTFO are not ideal. That said, I installed the Malachite Reshade mod, which removes the blue tint from the game while also making it look a lot more like a horror movie.

Extra Enemies Abilities

The game is tough to play as it is, but for the absolute experts, you might want to try the Extra Enemies Abilities mod, which simply put, makes your enemies even stronger and more dangerous.

Gear Part Customization

There are a couple of pieces of weapons and gear in the game that just don’t feel right, so I added the Gear Part Customization mod, which allows you to modify gear parts and turn them into something unique.


The Tweaker mod is one of the best mods, as it allows you to add extra features to Rundowns, making the game so much more interesting. Play around with it and you’ll see why I highly recommend it.

And that is my list of most useful mods for GTFO. There aren’t many out there as of right now, but I’m sure that, in time, we’ll get to enjoy a lot more interesting mods.

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