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There are many items in VHS that range from mildly helpful to crucially important. On every map, there are items scattered around. While they have a distinct look, these items can be easy to miss in the chaos of a game. Teens that focus only on weapons can miss items that are lifesaving at times. If you want to improve your gameplay, then having an item always in your hand will help a lot. Just remember you cannot use items while Disrupted.

So, what do all the items in VHS do and how can you get them? Before getting into the items I want to bring up Leo’s unique perk Street Smart. This perk is a huge help when trying to find items because it will highlight them, as well as vending machines or trashcans that can be searched for items. With Street Smart, you will never struggle to find items again.  

Chompie Bar 

Chompie Bars are small candy bars that you can find by searching orange vending machines. You can also find Chompie Bars scattered around the map, and they can pretty much be anywhere. So as you move around the map just keep an eye out for a bright purple candy bar. Chompie Bars happen to be one of the most powerful VHS items for Teens.  

What makes them so strong is their effect, which is to restore some health. The Chompie Bar is the only item that can restore lost health. But the real trick comes in using the Chompie Bar at the perfect moment. You see, in VHS there is a mechanic called Critical Health. When a Teen hits Critical Health they will no longer take any health damage from the Monsters attacks. This is represented by a purple skull on the Teen’s profile picture. The downside of this is that the Teen will die the next time they are hit by the Monster in the Injured state.

However, if an Injured Teen eats a Chompie Bar at Critical Health right before the Monster hits them, they will gain just enough health to no longer be at Critical Health. Then the Teen will be put into the Prone state instead of dying.

Holding Chompie Bar at Critical Health.

It is very important here that the Chompie Bar is only used when the Teen is in the Injured state and in Critical Health. You should never use a Chompie Bar in other situations because this is the only lifesaving scenario.  

But what happens if you eat the Chompie Bar, and then the Monster gets ambushed by your team? Your first instinct will be to heal back into the Healthy state; this is a move Teens do not want to do. If a Teen has eaten a Chompie Bar from Critical Health they should not eat it. This is because the next time the Teen gets hit they will go into the Prone state. But if the Teen heals, then the next hit from the Monster will put them into Critical Health. So if the Teen does not have another Chompie Bar then they will die with the next hit.  

So you can see how a team that knows this trick can help keep their friends alive. If one Teen finds a Chompie Bar they can give it to their friend in Critical Health. Plus there are many Chompie Bars on the map. If each Teen uses the Chompie Bars effectively, then the Monster will have a hard time getting anyone killed.

chompie-bar on desk
Chompie Bar on a desk.

Pop Can 

The next item that Teens can use to increase their chances of survival is the Pop Can. These can be found inside purple vending machines, and are also scattered around the map. Pop Cans look like blue soda cans. What Pop Cans do is give Teens a speed boost when they are used.  

This speed boost can be incredibly useful when being chased by the Monster. Pop Cans will help Teens prolong chases, lead the Monster into an ambush, or even help Teens shake the Monster off their trail. If you decide to use this item, just remember it does take a second for the effect to activate. So you have to make sure the Monster isn’t too close when you use it, or they will hit you.

Pop Can vending machine.


The Noisemaker is a unique device that can give the Teens important information about the Monster. Noisemakers are little toy robots that can be found in trashcans or randomly around the map like other items. When a Teen uses a Noisemaker they place it at their feet and turn it on. Then the Noisemaker stays in place until the Monster runs over it. When this happens the Noisemaker goes off, emitting a loud alarm sound, and the Monster’s aura is revealed to all Teens for a few seconds. 

This provides a different kind of utility to Teens: information about the Monster’s location. The reason this knowledge is important is that it allows Teens with weapons to try and push the Monster. Or if Teens are Injured and trying to make weapons, they can tell if the Monster is headed their way.

Noisemakers are great for any intersections, stairways, or common areas the Monster will run through. For example, on Hotel the balcony and courtyard below is a popular looping area. Placing a Noisemaker there can let other Teens know that someone is being chased in that area. As you learn the maps you will find the ideal locations for placing Noisemakers.

Noisemakers can also be used as an early warning system while Teens craft their weapons. If they know the Monster is coming their way they can either finish the weapon to attack or get off the station and walk away to avoid getting caught.


Walkie Talkie  

The Walkie Talkie can be found in trashcans or scattered randomly around the map. A Teen can press the use item button in order to activate the Walkie Talkie. While active the Teen can see the auras of their teammates. There is a limited amount of time the Walkie Talkie can be used, which is represented by a white bar below the item’s icon. To stop using the Walkie Talkie the Teen must press the use item button again.     

This item can give a Teen useful information about where their team is. With this information, someone can set up an ambush, or group up with others to heal.

Using Walkie Talkie to see other Teen’s aura.

Book of the Dead 

The Book of the Dead spawns at the start of the game in a small locked box. If a Teen finds the box they can unlock it and grab the Book of the Dead. However, most of the time it is near impossible to find unless someone on the team is dead. This is because the box is well hidden, and has many potential spawn points. But a dead Teen can go in their Spectral Form and search the map for the book. What makes it easier for them is that the Book of the Dead will whisper to the dead Teen.

While unlocking the box that holds the Book of the Dead, the Teen will be making loud sounds as they solve the puzzles. So they must be careful to not alert the Monster to their location when retrieving the Book of the Dead.

What the Book of the Dead does is allow the Teen to resurrect a dead team member. It only has one use, so only one Teen can be revived per match. While a Teen is using the Book of the Dead to revive another, loud sounds are played and the Teen must complete the ritual in one go. If they cancel the revive, then they must start over.


There is a downside to being revived though because the Teen will be a zombie version of themselves. In this zombie form, they will have louder breathing, making them easier to track. The zombie will also be barely above Critical Health, so getting a Chompie Bar will be important to guarantee their survival. However, the Book of the Dead can help Teens turn the match in their favor if played correctly.

This is everything you need to know about finding and using items in VHS. I hope this guide has helped you out. Stay tuned for more VHS guides!

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