VHS progression system, Aura, and Perks explained

The progression system in VHS is unique and provides players with many options. One of the best things about the progression system in VHS is that it is static. You can see exactly what you are going to get, with the exception of mystery boxes, and even with them, you can see where they are in the Journey. The leveling system has none of the randomization present in Dead by Daylight. But how exactly does progression in VHS work? 

The Journey 

In VHS the progression system can be accessed from the Journey tab. Each character has their own Journey with their unique Perks on it. In the Journey menu, you will see a bunch of orbs connected to each other, and these lead to a final goal of completing the Journey. You can click on each orb and see what you will get if you spend Aura on it.  

Each Journey has 3 acts players must progress through. Completing act 1 of a Journey will unlock the tier 1 Perks of the character for all other characters. Then act 2 will unlock the tier 2 Perks, and act 3 will unlock the tier 3 Perks. Additionally, Teens will get a discount on the cost of equipping their characters unique Perks. This discount is only applied to the Teen who owns the Perks.


So what can you get from the Journey? The Journey has Perk slots for 3 aura, Perk points for one aura, plot twists that give you random cosmetics or prizes for 1 aura, and Perks that change in price depending on how good the Perk is. If you are looking at a Monster’s Journey, they also have Mutations that they can purchase.  

When you get to the end of the Journey you will not be able to automatically complete it. Each Journey requires you spend a specific amount of Aura on it before you can complete it. You need 23 Aura to complete act 1, 22 Aura for act 2, and 22 Aura for act 3. When you finally complete a Journey then all the unique Perks for that character unlock for your other characters. This allows you to diversify your builds on Monster and Teen.   

Perk Slots and Perk Points 

If you go to the loadout menu and select Perks you will see what these things do. Every character only starts with one Perk slot unlocked, but they can get a total of 5 Perk slots by buying them from the Journey. As for Perk points, each Perk costs a certain number of points to equip. Players can unlock a maximum of 30 Perk points from the Journey. 

You can only equip Perks if you have enough Perk points. This is how VHS balances Perk usage. Good Perks are very expensive, which prevents players from stacking 5 great Perks to have a huge advantage during the game. This also allows for build diversity as you can experiment with using lower-tier Perks with higher-tier ones.


How to get Aura 

So how do you get Aura to spend on your Journey? Well, every character starts at level 1. Every time you play a game with a specific character, they get XP based on how many points you got during the game. After the game ends the XP will be applied to your character, and if the character levels up then you get one Aura. As you level up it requires more and more XP to get to each level. This makes getting through the Journey take more time as you go up in levels.   

To level up the fastest you want to try and do as much as you can during a game. Anything from healing others, searching vending machines, crafting weapons, getting chased, and Banishing or stunning the Monster with weapons will give you points. You can increase your point gain by equipping a Prize before a match starts. There are many Prizes that will increase your point gain by various amounts which will be defined in their descriptions. 


This is how the progression system works in VHS. With this knowledge, you can unlock the Perks you want for all your other characters, and power up your main character.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more VHS guides.

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