VHS Teen guide – How to play Teen effectively

Learning how to play Teen in VHS can be difficult at first. There is so much to learn while a terrifying Monster is trying to kill you. In this intro guide I will give you some key tips for playing Teen in VHS so you can improve your gameplay and be a better team player.

Use voice chat 

The most important thing a Teen must do is use voice chat and communicate with their team. Without communication, it will be much more difficult to banish the Monster. But what should you communicate with your team? You can start off by saying which station you are working on, and what weapon you are crafting.  

If the Monster is chasing you be sure to tell your team this, and where you are. This will help your team set up ambushes to help you out. It can also help someone take a hit for you if needed. You should also make sure to tell your team when the Monster has stopped chasing you.  

If you have a weapon and someone on your team is being chased ask where they are, and tell them where you are. That way the Monster can be lured to you, and you can attack them with your weapon. If the Monster is pushing you while you are attacking, tell your team. They can potentially come behind the Monster to help you out.  

You should also communicate the location of items you find on the map, such as Chompy Bars, soda cans, and the Book of the Dead. These are all important items that can greatly help out your team during the game.

So, communication is key. However, if you do not have a mic or are not comfortable with using voice chat, you do have an alternative.   

Werewolf chasing Teen image by Hellbent Games  

Use pings 

VHS has a ping system as an alternate form of communication for Teens, and pinging is incredibly helpful. When you ping all Teens on the map can see where the ping is, and how far it is from them. If you ping your station or specific items like the Book of the Dead, the ping will have a unique icon inside it. Pinging items is important because a well-timed soda can or Chompy Bar can save a Teen’s life.  

If the Monster is chasing you, then make sure to ping your location every few seconds to tell your team exactly where the Monster is. If someone else is getting chased by the Monster you can ping your location, to let the Teen know to bring the Monster to you for an ambush. Or if you are crafting a weapon, you can ping your location to warn other Teens to not bring the Monster to this area.   

You can also use pings to help other Teens find you if you need to group up to defend against the Monster, or to help other Teens find you to help you out if you are injured.

It may be difficult to remember to ping at times due to the intensity of the game. But just try to get into the habit of pinging the map during the situations I mentioned, and your team will be able to play better.   

Yellow Ping image by Hellbent Games

Learn the maps 

If you play other asymmetrical PvP games think this tip is redundant, you should know map layouts in VHS are exactly the same every time. A lot of the maps are designed to have shortcuts so the Monster can cut off their prey, which is not what you want to happen as a Teen. As you play games just make notes of how the rooms and hallways connect with each other. If the Monster somehow gets in front of you when they were behind you, remember where they came from. This knowledge will also help you hunt down the Monster when your team is armed and ready to attack.

If you watch the profile pictures of your team, you will notice their location will be listed under their health bar. Make sure to pay attention to this because it will allow you to communicate the Monster’s location, and yours, more effectively. Whenever you are playing make sure to glance at your profile, and you can learn what each part of the map is called.

Another advantage of learning the maps in VHS is knowing where the weapon crafting stations are. All of the weapon crafting stations are in the exact same places each time. So if you learn the maps you will be able to craft weapons much faster, and know where to go for specific Stigmas.   

There are only a few things that change within a map, and that is the location of the Book of the Dead and various items you can find in the environment. The items I am talking about are things like Chompy Bars, soda cans, and Noise Makers. These items can be found on the ground or on tables and other props.

Facility greenhouse image by Hellbent Games

Do not run! 

Well, if the Monster is chasing you of course you should run, but what I mean is know when to run and when to walk. The reason for this is VHS is a sound-based game, so every sound is emphasized for the Monster. When you run it is incredibly loud and makes it easy for the Monster to know you are around, and makes you easier to track. 

If you manage to break line-of-sight and confuse the Monster, start walking immediately because this will confuse the monster even more. Another time you should walk is if you hear the Monster approaching. A good rule of thumb is if you can hear the Monster’s footsteps, then they can hear your footsteps when running. As the Monster approaches, you can walk to a good hiding spot, a different room, or behind a corner, and the Monster might assume no one is around.   

As you play the game, learning when to run and when to walk will become more obvious. You will also have to adjust to the Monster’s playstyle when using this strategy. Some Monsters will thoroughly check an area if they recently saw someone around. So if you are walking you need to get out of that area without being seen. But what you should take away from this is that the second you sprint, the Monster will instantly know you are nearby.  

Teen walking image by Hellbent Games

Search vending machines and trash cans 

Throughout every map are vending machines and trash cans. When you go up to either of these items you can interact with them. Vending machines can give you a Chompy Bar or soda can, which are valuable items. What a lot of experienced Teens do is loot vending machines, and then drop the item they get right in front of the vending machine.  

This is important because now that item will be instantly available whenever someone needs it. You can also just carry the item with you and give it to someone when they need it. You can also do this for the Book of the Dead if you find it before anyone is dead. Unlocking the box the Book of the Dead is quite loud so it is more dangerous when fewer Teens are alive

As for searching the trash cans, there is an additional item you can find in them: the Noise Makers. I do not recommend leaving items in front of trash cans since they are not as easy to see as when they are dropped in front of vending machines. 

Vending machine image by Hellbent Games

Use the training room 

VHS has given players an amazing tool by providing the training room. In the training room, you can test out every type of weapon in the game. This will help you get weapon timings down, learn the range of weapons, how long they take to charge, and how to aim them. You can also practice banishing the Monster with every weapon, and learn things like how many Raygun shots will banish the Monster.  

You can also test out all the weapon modifications here as well. This will allow you to learn for yourself which modifications are helpful and which are not. Each modification has one upside and one downside, so learning how to deal with the downside is what takes practice. Modifications can change the range of a weapon, the charges of a weapon, and how long it takes to activate a weapon. 

The Monster NPC in the training room will patrol back in forth in one area of the room. If you get close to the Monster NPC it will hit you. This will help you learn how fast you can run after being hit, and how long you cannot use weapons for after being hit. This Monster NPC is also the one you can test every weapon on.  

You can also practice healing others because you can freely change the health state of the Teen NPC in the training room. There will also be some vending machines you can search, which lets you practice solving the puzzles that appear when searching a vending machine, trash can, or opening the Book of the Dead box.

Teen healing image by Hellbent Games

There is also one Stigma station in the training room. This will let you practice building a weapon, and successfully hitting skill checks that appear. There is so much you can learn in the training room to prepare for a real game.  

That is how to play Teens in VHS to be a good team player and banish the Monster. I hope these tips help you out! Stay tuned for more VHS guides 

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