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Vulpecula hand cannon review and best perks | Destiny 2

Vulpecula is a new hand cannon in Destiny 2, added in Season of the Lost. It fires at 180 RPM and deals Stasis damage. It is also one of the few weapons that can roll with the new perk Headstone. Here are the best perks you should look for on Vulpecula in Destiny 2.

Perks and rolls

180 RPM hand cannons need extra range and handling to be more effective. The best barrel perks are Corkscrew Rifling, Hammer-Forged Rifling. Smallbore. Accurized Rounds should be the first pick for magazine perks, but Appended Mag and Tactical Mag are also solid pick-ups.

Precision perks pair well with 180 hand cannons, as they are precision frames. Outlaw is great to increase reload speed, but can be overkill if you have a high reload stat. Encore and Killing Wind are both strong kill-based perks that help with range.

Headstone is the star perk in the second column. It can only roll on three weapons, and Vulpecula is best suited for the perk. Multikill Clip is a solid damage-boosting perk, but requires 3 rapid kills to get the max damage bonus. Explosive Payload is another great Destiny 2 perk that boosts the effective range of Vulpecula.


Here are the perk combinations and god rolls you should look for on Vulpecula in Destiny 2:

  • Tunnel Vision + Multikill Clip
  • Encore + Headstone
  • Outlaw + Multikill Clip
  • Outlaw + Headstone


While Vulpecula is a 180 hand cannon, it feels great to use in PvE. Coupled with Headstone, it has great synergy with Stasis builds and can provide lots of utility depending on what Fragments and Aspects you are using. Vulpecula drops from Umbral Engrams and Season of the Lost activities.

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