Warhammer Combat Cards game mode guide – Ranked, Campaigns, PvP

Unlike most CCGs on the market, Warhammer Combat Cards is very PvE-focused, with only a couple of PvP activities. The majority of what you do in this card game will happen in one of the three main PvE offerings. This quick guide will break down every game mode in Warhammer Combat Cards to help you understand what’s to gain from playing each one.

Ranked ladder

The most balanced and rewarding mode in the game, Ranked is what you stare at whenever you log into the game. Winning matches in Ranked Warhammer Combat Cards gives you Ranked points (RPs), and reaching certain RP thresholds unlocks instant rewards in the form of currency and card decks. There is an optimal way to gain RP, which we have explained in our resource guide.

As you climb the ladder, you will unlock new arenas, which is simply the way of the game to denote higher reward values. Conversely, losing matches will drop you down the ladder. Each Warhammer Combat Cards season runs for 30 days, and at the end of each season players get a huge load of rewards based on which Arena they ended their Ranked run in.

The Ranked ladder in Warhammer Combat Cards maxes out in Terra, at 9000 RP. Here you will unlock a final round of rewards, and you can continue to climb for additional unlocks. However, here your progress towards rewards may be passively impeded by other players. The bonus rewards are given out based on your RP score relative to everyone else playing in Terra at the end of the seaon.

Casual play

If you want to try out builds and mess around without jeopardizing your Ranked standing, you can swipe right to the Casual game mode. There are multiple key differences between this mode and Ranked, the biggest one being that you can use Allies when deckbuilding. That means that you can add cards from other factions to your deck, as long as they match your Warlord’s faction allignment: Space Marines can mix with Servants of the Imperium, Chaos can mix with Tyranids and Orks, and Eldar can mix with Necrons and Tau.

Since there is no ladder to climb, the Casual mode shouldn’t be a place you spend too much time in. Other than leveling up your battle pass or completing Quests and Campaign Missions, there is no progression  to be gained here. Also note that the enemy decks you face here are always perfectly scaled to your own. That means that if you deploy an unfinished army with unused deck points, your opponent’s army will also be downgraded.


Campaigns are limited-time events where players fight against pre-determined armies for specific rewards, sometimes with unique match modifiers. They typically also have Mission trackers, such as Inflict X amount of damage with ranged attacks, which can be completed in the Campaign or in regular Ranked and Casual matches. Playing Campaigns does not progress your battle pass, but it grants a ton of rewards on its own and is a great way to add new cards to your collection.

Clan PvP and synchronized PvP events

PvP is only available in Warhammer Combat Cards in two forms: as friendly Clan battles, and during certain Campaign events. The former is always available: you can go to your Clan screen right now and open up a PvP invitation. PvP matches follow the regular game rules, except there is a 30-second turn timer. If you don’t act before it expires, your turn is skipped, and if that happens three times, you forfeit the match. Synchronized PvP events follow the same rules, except they also provide limited-time rewards.

To better understand the stakes of each Warhammer Combat Cards game mode, check out our somewhat outdated economy guide (it will be updated eventually, I promise.)

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