Watch Dogs: Legion PvP guide – how to win in the Spiderbot Arena

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs: Legion has recently added its online component, including the PvP Spiderbot Arena. Although not the largest focal point of the new content drop, the Spiderbot Arena serves as a creative battleground for players to go head-to-head in.

As it currently stands, the Spiderbot Arena offers a deathmatch mode. Players will assume the role of the game’s trusty Spiderbot, with an improved arsenal with which to wage war on other players. There are weapon upgrades and health packs found on the maps that can be used. Obtaining kill streaks provide bonuses to assist as you strive for victory. All in all, the mode is fairly bare-bones at the moment, although still being pretty fun.

Although the Spiderbot is limited in scope, there are ways to hone your skills to rank up and gain rewards. We’ll cover some essential tips in the Watch Dogs: Legion PVP mode.

Always be on the move

Although the player count in the Spiderbot Arena is capped at four players, it’s still incredibly chaotic. While you may be enticed to sit in a corner and take pop-shots on opponents, it’s easy to get ganged up on.

The Spiderbot has a very versatile movement. It’s much more advantageous to run around the arena and try to pinch an unsuspecting opponent. The Spiderbot also has a double-jump maneuver, making it possible to gain the high ground advantage.

From the get-go, its best to consistently move around to not only find the best positioning but also evade other players. Due to the layout of the two supported maps, bouncing between the different levels of elevation while looking for openings to deal damage is the best tactic.

Utilize pick-ups

On both the Factory and Museum map, you can find an assortment of pick-ups to better assist you. At the start of each match, your Spiderbot will be equipped with a low-powered SMG weapon. This can suffice to start out, but only does mediocre chip damage to opponents.

It’s incredibly important to always maneuver over to the floating yellow boxes marked with a question mark. There’s a bit of RNG when it comes to the weapon upgrades. For the most part, you won’t know what you’ll be rewarded with. There are a total of nine other weapons you can possibly gain. These range from Seeker Missiles to a Heavy SMG. However, the ammo granted is finite. Hence, you shouldn’t try to be strategic, and shouldn’t hesitate to move from one pick up directly to the next.

The other pick-up, which is equally as important, is health. In the Spiderbot Arena, health does not regenerate so you can imagine how essential this one can be. Like the weapon upgrades, health can be found littered around the map and will respawn over time. Even if you don’t desperately need to recover your health, chances are an opponent does. Snagging a health pick-up for yourself can be an offensive play as it leaves fewer options for other players.

Killstreaks unlock additional perks

What’s a PvP mode without a few killstreak bonuses? Well, the Spiderbot Arena provides a few and they can be fairly useful in your path to victory. In total there are three you can accumulate, and they are broken up as such:

  • 2 kills – Reveal
  • 4 kills – Supercharge
  • 6 kills – Shield

We previously mentioned the RNG that goes into the weapon upgrades. With the Reveal ability unlocked, your screen will display exactly what is in each box. Additionally, you’ll be able to see the location of each opponent on the map. Supercharge is exactly what it sounds like. Once granted, your weapons will receive a significant buff, dealing additional damage. Finally, the Shield killstreak will provide a shield over your Spiderbot, making you temporarily immune to incoming damage.

The latter killstreaks may seem overpowered. Though, in actuality, it’s quite difficult to amass the required kills consecutively without dying.

Use hacks to manipulate the map

Being a Watch Dogs game, you should expect some hacking functionality in all areas of Legion. In the Spiderbot Arena, you can raise and lower barricades to either assist yourself or inconvenience other players.

As with the core game, you can raise or lower a barricade with a simple click of a button. This can be used to block incoming attacks and hide. Alternatively, you can use a barricade for a momentary reset and gain a better offensive position. Of course, you can also use this mechanic to disrupt an opponent using a barricade. Lowering a barricade down from an opponent can open them up for a swift attack.

It will be interesting to see if Ubisoft expands the Spiderbot Arena mode in the future to add new game types or locations. We will be keeping an eye on it, so stay tuned to SQUAD for more Watch Dogs: Legion content.

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