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What all facilities do in the Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise DLC

In Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise there are many facilities the players can build throughout the game, and they all do different things. These facilities can provide players with a lot of new features, and secret goodies – in this guide we will tackle them in-depth.


This is the first facility you create in Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise. The teacher at the School will give you one Plumeria at the start of every day. Once the school is built you can have teachers visit to do a lesson. This does require the day to change, so you cannot have a teacher visit on the same day you build the School.  

The first teacher that will visit is Leif, and he will be wandering the island when you first get there. If you talk to him, he will mention he is here to give a lesson at the school. Then you will go with Leif to the school and he will teach you how to add flowers, crops, fruit trees, and bushes to vacation homes.


Niko will also teach a lesson at the school on the day after you have given him all the supplies he needs for his DIY projects. He will teach you how to create pillars and island counters so you can make them for your home island, and use them in vacation homes.  

Another teacher that will visit your island is a chameleon named Nat. You will also find him wandering the island, and when you talk to him you can show him to the School. Nat will give a lesson about bugs, which will allow you to fill the outside area of vacation homes with any bug you want. For bugs that spawn on trees, you will need to make a tree first for them to sit on.  


The Restaurant is a large facility with two rooms: the dining room and the kitchen in the back. Here you can find more visitors looking for vacation homes and enjoying a bite to eat. This gives you more options to choose from when deciding who you should build a home for.  

While you cannot buy food from the Restaurant, it can expand your cooking knowledge. Once a day you can go into the kitchen and talk to the head chef. The head chef will then offer to give you a cooking recipe they have created, and if you accept you will be able to expand your cooking DIY recipes.



The Café is a small one-room facility where visitors looking for vacation homes can have a bite to eat. This facility allows you to increase how many visitors you get at a time, giving you more options to choose from when selecting someone for a vacation home. Here you can actually buy some food and drinks to enjoy, or decorate your home with. The Café’s menu will change every day so you can enjoy a variety of dishes.



The Hospital is a large facility with two rooms to start with, but it can be expanded. Unlike the Café and Restaurant, you will only find current vacation home residents here. If you talk to the receptionist you can donate 120,000 Poki to add a patient ward to the Hospital. This patient ward will just give your hospital an additional room to decorate and hold more vacation home residents.

If you talk to the receptionist they can schedule you to see the doctor once a day. This option will allow you to obtain some medical-themed cosmetics. When the receptionist asks what symptoms you are experiencing. Depending on which answer you choose will determine what the doctor gives you.  

If you say your head hurts then the doctor will ask how you feel. You can choose to say “I feel dizzy,” or “My head is pounding.” If you say “I feel dizzy” the doctor can give you eye gauze or a post-op patch. But if you say “My head is pounding” you can get a bandage, mummy mask, or head bandages.


If you told the receptionist that you have a runny nose, then you can tell the doctor that “My nose is dripping” or “My nose is running.” A dripping nose will get you some nose tissues, while a runny nose will get you double nose tissues

The final option from the receptionist is your knees hurt. When you get into the doctor’s office you can respond with “It’s a stinging pain” or “It’s a dull pain.” If you choose stinging pain then you can receive knee bandages or a mummy outfit. If you choose a dull pain, then you can receive a cast or mummy outfit.

A hidden feature of the Hospital is that Joan visits every Monday. If you talk to Joan during her visit she has a chance to give you 30, 50, or 100 turnips for free. Then you can sell these whenever turnip prices are high during the week for some extra bells.


Apparel Shop 

The Apparel Shop is the last facility you create on the island, and it is a small clothing store. Here you can buy various types of clothes, shoes, and headgear to stylize yourself with. Everything in the Apparel Shop can only be bought with Poki, and there are only 6 items available for purchase. The items in the Apparel Shop will refresh every day, giving you lots of clothing options.  

Players can influence what type of clothing the shop sells by displaying the correct clothing. The different types of styles are cute, simple, showy, cool, loose, or anything-is-fine. To get the cute clothes you need to display clothes with a cute style, for simple clothes you display clothes with a simple style, and for cool clothes you display clothes with a cool style.


As for showy clothes, you need clothes that have an elegant style, and loose clothes come from displaying clothing with an active style. Any clothes that do not fall into these styles will fill the anything-is-fine category.  

These are all the facilities in Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise and that’s what they can do for you. I hope this guide has helped you out! Stay tuned for more Animal Crossing New Horizons guides!

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