What to do as a ghost in Among Us

Is there life after death? In the world of Among Us, the answer is yes. Just because the Imposter banished you to the shadow realm, it doesn’t mean your job is over. It works the other way as well; so don’t get down if the Crewmates eject you as the Imposter. Haunt them so hard they can’t breathe. We outline what you should be doing as a ghost in Among Us for both Imposter and Crewmate players. Get to work!

Crewmate Ghost

It’s so easy to leave the game when you get killed. Boohoo, the Imposter killed me so I guess my game is done. WRONG! Don’t be a sore loser and finish your tasks. If anything, it’s the only opportunity you get to do them in peace. Who’s going to kill you when you’re already dead? No one, that’s who. Help your team out by doing your job, and secure yourself a win.

Another fun and underrate thing to do: follow the killer when you’re done all your tasks. All the trash talking in the chat is gold too, complaining about how Pink or Orange was too stupid to notice Blue getting killed right beside them as they were doing tasks.

ghosts among us

Imposter Ghost

You are what goes bump in the night. It really doesn’t matter that you got unlucky hopping out of the vent or outright suck at being the Imposter, being an Imposter ghost gives great satisfaction to playing a support role. The Imposter ghost in Among Us takes a load of pressure off your teammate, the other Imposter, leaving you to sabotage everyone else.

If you notice there’s a bunch of people in security, cut the communications. Everyone is scattered and a Crewmate is close to the Imposter? Cut the lights. Toss in an Oxygen shortage or Reactor meltdown if people are moving too quick. The sabotage cooldowns are fairly quick, so have fun with it!

A final tip: don’t always take opportunities to lock Crewmates in a room with the Imposter. It can be super suspicious. Try locking other Crewmates in with each other, or isolating certain players from running around.

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