Where to unlock Zeta abilities and how to use them in SWGOH

As some characters and kits become outdated over time, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes introduces higher tiers of ability levels. Since its release in 2016, SWGOH progressed from the base ability upgrade materials to Omega, Zeta, and now Omicron levels. Each level tier brings more depth to individual characters’ abilities. Not all character abilities have Zeta or Omicron levels, so these level-ups represent a significant investment and power increase of your roster. In this guide, we’ll check out where players can unlock Zeta materials and how to use them in SWGOH.

Zeta material locations

Zeta materials are a coveted reward in SWGOH. Most challenges reward a winning outcome of two Zeta materials. It takes 20 Zeta materials in total to unlock a Zeta-level ability. Here are the SWGOH events from which you can collect Zeta materials:

  • Daily Challenges (Sun, Wed, Sat)
  • Fleet Battles (1st time through 5 A-F)
  • Territory Wars
  • Galactic Conquest
  • Fleet Store
  • Endor Escalation (Calendar Event)
  • Defense of Dathomir (Calendar Event)
  • Assault Battles (Calendar Event)

Players earn most of their Zeta materials through Fleet Store purchases, and Ability Material Daily Challenges every Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Keep collecting Zeta materials every way you can. They are the most impactful way to continue climbing the PvP ladder, and they bring massive value to game modes like Territory Wars or Galactic Conquest.

How to unlock Zeta abilities in SWGOH

Players can unlock Zeta abilities through the ability progression tab in the SWGOH character menu. Make sure to check through your characters to make sure they have a Zeta-level ability. There are currently 248 Zeta abilities and counting, so there are many options throughout all the different faction tags like First Order, Sith, Jedi, Rebels, etc.

SWGOH players see Zeta trends by checking out the SWGOH Zeta Report. If you’re a new player, this can show a fantastic starting point on where to level up your characters. Here’s a list of some of the strongest Zeta abilities for early-game players in no particular order:

  • Darth Vader – Merciless Massacre
  • Emperor Palpatine – Emperor of the Galactic Empire
  • Bossk – On The Hunt
  • Kylo Ren (Unmasked) – Merciless Pursuit
  • Geonosian Brood Alpha – Queen’s Will
  • Chief Chirpa – Simple Tactics
  • Iden Versio – First In, Last Out
  • Mother Talzin – The Great Mother
  • Carth Onasi – Soldier of the Old Republic

There are many Zetas, so dozens more could warrant a mention above. Zetas are still the main power driver in SWGOH, but players can look forward to Omicron abilities in the late game stages.

Stay tuned for more SWGOH guides!

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