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Which Lost Ark class to play based on your Diablo 3 main

Lost Ark is an isometric MMORPG from Smilegate and Tripod Studio. With multiple classes and multiple advanced variants, it can be hard for to narrow down which class to play. However, your preferred playstyle in other action MMORPGs may be a good signifier of what you should pick. Here is which Lost Ark class you should play based on your main in Diablo 3.

Barbarian & Crusader

For sword and shield stans, the Warrior is going to be your go-to class in Lost Ark. What you will lack in mobility, you will make up in damage as well as the ability to tank hits. The Berserker advanced class in Lost Ark is most like the Barbarian from Diablo, while the Paladin advanced class is fairly similar to the Crusader.

Demon Hunter

If you prefer to stay at a range while in combat, then the Gunner class is for you. Whether you feel like using a gun, bow or artillery cannon, this class has it all. While it isn’t quite as similar to the DH as the Warrior is to the Barbarian, the playstyle is fairly transferable.


For those of you who enjoyed playing the Monk in Diablo, you should look into playing the Martial Artist. This class focuses on combining speed with combos for breakneck damage. The four different advanced classes for the Martial Artist are Striker, Wardancer, Scrapper, and Soulfist, giving you plenty of fun variations to expand into.


The Wizard wielded the power of the Arcane in Diablo 3. The Mage class in Lost Ark uses mystical arts to cast deadly spells. Those are basically the same, right? The Sorceress advanced class focuses on high-damage spells while the Bard buffs their allies and applies crowd control to their foes.

Necromancer & Witch Doctor

I am sorry for those of you who mained these two in Diablo because there won’t be a Summoner class in Lost Ark at launch. However, if you want to be ready for when the Summoner releases, play the Mage class as the next closest option.

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