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Wolftone Draw bow best perks and review | Destiny 2

Wolftone Draw is a new energy bow added with Season of the Lost. It deals arc damage and is a Precision Frame, meaning it has a longer draw time but deals more damage. Here are the perks you should look for on Wolftone Draw in Destiny 2.

Perks and rolls

Bows come with string perks that affect their accuracy, draw time, and stability. The best string perks you can get are Polymer String, Natural String, and Tactile String. For arrow perks look for Straight Fletching, Carbon Arrow Shaft, or Helical Fletching.

Archer’s Tempo has been the top dog perk for bows since their introduction in Forsaken. Landing precision hits with this perk will decrease the draw time of the weapon. This pairs well with Wolftone’s longer draw time. Shoot to Loot is an interesting perk, but some may see it as too niche. However, I have found solid use for it in high-end activities like Grandmaster Nightfalls where you tend to hold one position until a room is clear.

Wolftone Draw is a little lackluster in the second column, but this tends to be the case with bows in Destiny 2. The top choice is Dragonfly, which pairs well with the Dragonfly spec mod. The explosion from Dragonfly also activates shoot to loot, which is solid synergy. Demolitionist is also a perk option that has some merit. The grenade recharge is nice but the reload from throwing a grenade is wasted with bows. For damage boosting perks your options are Frenzy, Adagio, and Harmony.


Here are the perk combinations and god rolls you should look for on Wolftone Draw in Destiny 2:

  • Archer’s Tempo + Dragonfly
  • Shoot to Loot + Dragonfly
  • Impulse Amplifier + Frenzy
  • Archer’s Tempo + Demolitionist


Wolftone Draw is a solid feeling bow and it comes at a perfect time. Currently, the Overload Bow mod is in rotation, so it is an easy farm if you lack any of the non-sunset bows with strong perk combos. Wolftone Draw drops from Umbral Engrams and Season of the Lost activities.

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