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World of Demons beginners guide – tips for new players

The name Platinum Games is synonymous with high qualify action titles. From original games to new entires set in iconic franchises, Platinum Games has created so many hits. World of Demons is an exclusive title for Apple Arcade and one you should definitely check out if you are a fan of high octane action games. Playing with a Razer Kishi makes it an experience that feels console-like, and I can’t put it down. World of Demons is like most Platinum titles: easy to pick up but difficult to master. With our World of Demons tips guide below, hopefully, you can prepare yourself on the journey to defeat Shuten Doji.

Your loadout is the key to success

Before every mission, you can prepare a loadout of weapons and yokai to take with you. Players are given the option to pick one weapon and two yokai. All weapons and yokai are split up by element. Your choices are important, because the combat in World Of Demons follows a rock-paper-scissors type system. Fire beats wind, wind beats ice, and ice beats fire. Picking a loadout that uses all of these elements is what will lead to success. Note, that those looking to complete level-based challenges may be at a disadvantage when using this approach, because the game usually stacks the odds against you. Players who want to simply play through the campaign won’t have this issue.

You acquire yokai by killing them in missions. When you defeat one of them, you can pick up their soul to use during that particular mission. They disappear after each use, but this shouldn’t be a problem with the number of enemies you encounter. Additionally, when you defeat a yokai for the first time, you’ll unlock them permanently to be used in your loadout. New weapons and yokai are ultimately the best way to succeed on your journey through World of Demons.

Side scenarios are worth it

Going through the campaign might seem like the right move, but doing side content is absolutely worth it. You will need to level up before certain missions are even available to attempt. Although leveling up is a requirement, side missions give you more yokai, experience, and resources to upgrade your weapons and companions. Doing side content may seem tedious, but it will make Onimaru (and the unlockable characters) deadlier in the long run.

Our World of Demons tip guide will help with upgrading weapons.
Image by Platinum Games

Alongside yokai that you collect, you will also collect resources that can be used to upgrade weapons and creatures. The main missions quickly start to get challenging, so increasing your stats makes them more manageable. Upgrading weapons is also beneficial, as new moves are unlocked at level 5.

Take your time and don’t go for the attack

One of my biggest problems when I first started World of Demons was continuously going in for attacks against the yokai. While my Onimaru was strong, some yokai you face use tricky techniques that may surprise you. Constantly attacking leaves you exposed to the other enemies on the battlefield. Additionally, the enemy you’re focused on can still damage you while you’re in the process of attacking it.

Dodging is your best friend, and the most vital technique in your arsenal. When a bunch of yokai bombards you, Onimaru’s dodge ability allows you to jump to the side, effectively missing projectiles if timed right. Dodging immediately before an attack allows Onimaru to disappear and go for the offensive behind the targeted enemy.

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Hopefully, our World of Demons tips guide will help you begin your journey to defeat Shuten Doji. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll be sure to help.

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