4 fun Star Wars: Squadrons builds for the Y-Wing and TIE/SA Bomber

WhileStar Wars: Squadrons offers 4 types of ships for both the Empire and the Rebels, build diversity is what truly makes each ship type shine. Whether you want to be an anti-shield fiend or a jack of all trades powerhouse, Star Wars: Squadrons has a build option for you. Here are 4 builds to try out on the Y-Wing and TIE/SA Bomber in Star Wars: Squadrons.

Anti-Shields build

Primary weapon: Ion Cannon. Auxiliaries: Ion Bomb and Automatic Ion Cannon.

The Anti-Shields build primarily focuses on pulling down the shields of enemy ships, allowing your teammates to take advantage of this weakness. Without a team to follow up, this build doesn’t allow you to do much hull damage to enemy ships. This is a solid build for being a team player and helping your team take out capital ships with ease.

Long range build

Primary weapon: Rotary Cannon. Auxiliaries: Proton Torpedo and Beam Cannon.

When taking down capital ships, you are under the direct line of heavy fire. To avoid this, simply maximize the range at which you can output damage. The Beam Cannon has some of the longest range in the game, and does a hefty amount of damage. Combine this with the Proton Torpedos to utilize long range hit-and-run tactics that cannot be easily punished by the enemy team.

Bomber build

Primary weapon: Any primary weapon can fit this build. Auxiliaries: Proton Bomb and Ion Bomb.

This build plays into the Y-Wing and TIE/SA Bombers namesake in Star Wars: Squadrons. You guessed it: your primary goal with this build is to do bombing runs on the enemy capital ship. Once you are on the attack, just fly in low and drop bombs to your heart’s content.

No aim, no skill build

Primary weapon: Guided Rotary Cannon. Auxiliaries: Automatic Ion Cannon and Multi-Lock Missile.

Why make yourself aim when you don’t have to? This build is not a great choice in Fleet Battles, but it can be a solid option for Dogfight. Multi-Lock Missile combined with the Automatic Ion Cannon makes you a great counter to those pesky A-Wings and TIE Interceptors. Just lock on and fire away!

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