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Zacian V has been one of the best attackers in Pokemon TCG Online in recent years. Since it, along with Zamazenta, are the featured Pokemon for the Sword & Shield series, TCG has gone above and beyond to make the card super-relevant in the last year, including giving away a free Zacian V to all online players. In the 2020/21 format, the card was paired with Arceus Dialga & Palkia-GX and Lucario & Melmetal-GX due to the synergy between them. However, those Pokemon have rotated out of Standard and Zacian V decks have gone down in popularity because of newer releases. The game has also steered away from favoring Steel-type Pokemon, releasing cards such as Single Strike Energy that work well with Fighting and Dark-type Pokemon. In this guide, I’ll be taking you through a post-Rotation Zacian V deck for the 2022 Standard format of Pokemon TCG Online.

Zacian V Standard deck list for Pokemon TCG Online

Here’s the Zacian V Standard deck list for Pokemon TCG Online:

****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

##Pokémon – 8

* 2 Oranguru SSH 148
* 4 Zacian V SSH 195
* 2 Zamazenta V SSH 139

##Trainer Cards – 40

* 4 Boss’s Orders RCL 189
* 4 Professor’s Research SHF 60
* 3 Marnie CPA 56
* 1 Raihan EVS 152
* 4 Metal Saucer SSH 170
* 4 Quick Ball SSH 216
* 4 Rotom Phone CPA 64
* 4 Switch SSH 183
* 2 Tool Scrapper RCL 208
* 4 Cape of Toughness DAA 160
* 2 Air Balloon SSH 156
* 4 Crystal Cave EVS 144

##Energy – 12

* 12 Metal Energy Energy 8

Total Cards – 60

The list of Pokemon doesn’t have a lot of flexibility in it, as the entire deck revolves around powering Zacian V (and Zamazenta V). You don’t really need Crobat V in this deck, but you can add one if you like. The deck is built around Zacian V’s ability that can already draw cards, along with four copies of Professor’s Research and three of Marnie.

All of the Trainer cards in this list are obligatory. While not all of them directly connect with your core strategy, they will definitely help you get out of situations (especially Raihan).

Zacian V and Oranguru

Zacian V and Zamazenta V are your two attackers, and in most matches, you’ll be prioritizing Zacian V. Here’s the catch: in matches where you need Zamazenta V, you’ll exclusively be using him as your attacker because of its ability. Starting with Zacian V, he has a 230-damage attack for just 3 Energy. This attack has a drawback that doesn’t let it attack the next turn, but Switch and/or Air Balloon can easily work past that.

Zacian V post-rotation Standard deck Pokemon TCG Online
Image by The Pokemon Company

Zacian’s ability is essentially the engine of this deck:

Ability: Intrepid Sword

Once during your turn, you may look at the top 3 cards of your deck and attach any number of [M] Energy cards you find there to this Pokémon. Put the other cards into your hand. If you use this Ability, your turn ends.

230 damage is huge for a 2-Prizer, and it will two-shot absolutely anything in the game, even with Tool Card attachments.

Controlling the top of your deck

Zacian V’s ability synergizes very well with your secondary engine, Oranguru, whose ability lets you switch a card from your hand with the top card of your deck once every turn. Oranguru will always be on your Bench and you’ll be using his ability every single turn, either to get new cards or to have Energy at the top of your deck to be able to attach it to your Zacian V using Intrepid Sword.

You also have Rotom Phone, an item card with the following effect:

Look at the top 5 cards of your deck, choose 1 of them, and shuffle the other cards back into your deck. Then, put the card you chose on top of your deck.

You can use this card to get Energies to the top of your deck early on, and then use Intrepid Sword to power up your Zacian V. No other deck has the consistency of this deck when it comes to putting on 3-Energies on turn one, and it is a huge advantage that makes up for not having a bulky VMAX or Tag Team Pokemon in your deck.

Zamazenta V and its VMAX immunity

Zamazenta V doesn’t do as much damage as Zacian V but brings an invaluable advantage to your deck. With a 3-Energy 130-damage attack that takes off a Special Energy from your opposing Pokemon, Zamazenta V might feel underwhelming. However, his ability makes it so that it absolutely can’t be damaged by VMAX Pokemon, and pretty much all of the top decks in the Standard format have those as their main attackers. This forces most decks to not evolve their Pokemon, at which point you can bring in your Zacian V to finish them off.

Zamazenta V Pokemon TCG Online
Image by The Pokemon Company

Zamazenta V makes your matches last longer because of its low-damage threshold and all the times your opponent, with their VMAX in play, will be looking for ways to get your Benched Pokemon instead. However, there’s nothing they can do to your Zamazenta V, unless they start powering up their secondary Pokemon, such as Inteleon or Crobat V, which aren’t even meant to be attackers. Now those Pokemon can be one-shot by Zacian V, which makes this combination extremely powerful.

The only downside to doing that is that now your opponent can use Boss’s Orders and target your Zacian V, so be careful and time your attacks right based on how many Prize cards you have left.

Other notable cards

Metal Saucer and Cape of Toughness are the two other Item cards you’ll be needing pretty often. Metal Saucer lets you attach Metal Energy from your discard pile to any of your Metal Pokemon, which provides even more Energy acceleration. Note that this effect, along with the effect of Intrepid Sword, doesn’t work on Special Energy, which is why this deck only uses basic Metal Energy. Cape of Toughness grants your Pokemon with +50 HP (except Pokemon-GX, but this deck doesn’t use any), which is specifically useful for Zacian V to go up to 270 HP.

The only Stadium card this deck uses is Crystal Cave, which lets both players heal 30 damage from their Metal or Dragon-type Pokemon, helping your Pokemon last even longer. If you’re worried about Crystal Cave working against you, there aren’t many Metal or Dragon-types in the meta right now, and in most matches, the card won’t be useful for your opponent. Along with its direct effect, it will also help you discard your opponent’s Path to the Peak.


One of the deck’s biggest strengths is that there are no 3-Prizers, so your opponent needs to get at least three knockouts to win the game. Not many decks can do this in the current meta, where you have VMAX Pokemon in pretty much every deck, and you only have to knock out two of them to win the game. This variation of Zacian V is obviously not as strong as the ADP or Melmetal ones, but it is still pretty strong and has been doing well in recent Standard tournaments. Pokemon TCG Online has certainly made sure that the card stays relevant for longer, and with 230 damage and VMAX immunity, this deck will be around for another year and is a safe bet for the 2022 format. The cards are also quite cheap in the trade lists right now and you will have an easy time acquiring the entire deck.

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