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So, Illidan was just released in Hearthstone and he has already been nerfed to hell. It took people a good while to complete the solo adventure, and now they don’t feel like it was worth it. If you didn’t get to Legend in the first day then you likely feel like you have no chance at it now, so what is there to do? Many people think he’s simply unplayable at this point, but I found a way to still make it work.

General gameplay

By now you should have noticed a simple fact about all of Illidan’s decks. They barely have any minions in them.

This is usually a huge disadvantage, because you don’t have much control over the board. You can’t count on any taunts either, because they are not foolproof. Because of this, you need to treasure every single one of your minions. If you can clearly tell that the enemy will kill them in their next turn, it would be a waste, so use your own hero to attack instead.

Hearthstone Illidan guide

However, since Illidan heavily relies on his own attacks in Hearthstone, he either needs a lot of healing or a lot of damage, so he can rush. Current Hearthstone deck builds tend to focus on the latter, and we have a ton of builds that include Inner Demon, Twin Slice, and plenty of weapons. If you want to succeed, you need to be patient and wait for a combo, so you can use all of them at once.

Illidan tricks

A lot of Illidan decks in Hearthstone include Imprisoned Antaen, which just got nerfed – it now costs one more mana. If you want to get the most out of him, bring Maiev Shadowsong and cast the Dormant on it. Once it wakes up again, the 10 damage will activate once more.

Only summon Satyr Overseer if you have a taunt, or if you are completely sure the enemy can’t kill it immediately. It doesn’t have enough HP to survive a 3 mana round.

Pay attention to Outcast cards, they are the most powerful if they are the furthest to the right or the left in your hand. Most of the time they will enable you to draw more cards.

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