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Galakrond decks are getting more and more popular by the minute in Hearthstone, but most Priest players aren’t really getting in on this. Their kit usually doesn’t align with the gameplay needed for Galakrond. However, I have found an exception I’d like to highlight. One___’s deck is doing surprisingly well in the current meta and you should definitely try it out if you want to climb.

When should you use this deck?

It’s quite simple: use this deck whenever you can. The deck has a 75% winrate as of right now, so if you want to reach Legend rank in Hearthstone you can easily do so with this Galakrond Priest. Just keep grinding and you will surely be able to use it to your advantage.

Consider however, that this deck’s victories seem to primarily be coming from people who used it in higher ranks. Most people attesting to its strength are above Gold, so if you are anything lower, there is a chance that it won’t work as well for you. People down there tend to build unexpected and ridiculous decks which might just pose a threat to this one. The known counters are Libram Paladin, Facehunter and Highlander Mage.

That said, this deck is also great if you just want to have fun. You don’t need much experience in the game to be able to harness the deck’s power and thus, you can even bring it to your first ever ranked game – assuming that you have enough dust.

Speaking of which, you don’t need to have a big budget to be able to build this legendary deck. It only costs a little under 6000 dust, so it shouldn’t take long for you to get all the cards.

Hearthstone Galakrond Priest guide

How to play as this Galakrond Priest?

Most of the time you will know what to do by instinct, but you should still adhere to a couple of rules. These aren’t set in stone though, so make sure you take everything into consideration before making a choice.

Early game

Do NOT put down either of your Disciple of Galakrond. Yes, they would be pretty good in the early game, but it’s way too soon and you will miss out on a lot of opportunities if you do this. You should also try to keep other cards that invoke Galakrond, but these two are a must.

You won’t have many minions to work with, so try to use them sparingly. Putting one down just so you don’t get 2 damage to the face early on is a waste. At this stage you should just try to survive, which will be easy with your spells, plus the fact that you will be able to heal yourself by 2 every turn. Destroy enemy minions and keep your health up.

Mid game

It’s the same as the early game, except once you reach 7 mana you need to have Galakrond. This is not up for debate: if you aren’t lucky enough to draw him or Kronx Dragonhoof, you won’t be able to win. That said, Hearthstone is usually generous enough to give you what you need.

Turn into Galakrond and invoke as many times as you can. This is why you should’ve held onto most of your cards that invoke him. The best-case scenario is that you have both Disciple of Galakronds on hand, because then you can upgrade him in the next round.

Late game

Keep invoking and you will be able to just deal damage to the enemy’s face most of the time. If not, you are in deep trouble. At this stage you simply won’t have enough spells to get rid of enemy minions, so if you can’t kill the other player within a couple of turns, you simply won’t be able to win.

This is highly unlikely though, as this Galakrond Priest becomes way too overpowered by this time in the game, and there haven’t been many cases where he couldn’t get on top of its opponent enemy.

But just in case this happens, know that Holy Nova can make a big difference. It’s likely that minions would be already damaged and thus, more vulnerable. If you only need a tiny bit of a push, you can deal 2 damage to all of them for the price of 4 mana.

Hearthstone Galakrond Priest guide

Galakrond Priest tips and tricks

Acidic Swamp Ooze is a card you need to hold onto for a bit longer, especially if you are up against an enemy that will likely use a weapon eventually. Don’t waste it on 1/1s either.

Obviously, save your Shadow Word: Death for the late game.

Fate Weaver is pretty good in the early game, but it’s even better if you wait a little and use it in the mid. That way you can combo it with Breath of the Infinite.

You might want to switch out an Acidic Swamp Ooze for a Soul Mirror. It can be really valuable in the late-game, because as a Galakrond Priest you likely won’t have enough minions to defend yourself, and with this one card you can easily turn the game in your favor.

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