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If you have been following the Hearthstone meta you already know that most of the top trending decks are Librams Paladin ones. They appear very frequently, they are hard to beat, and usually don’t cost too much. This combo made it possible for many low rank players to climb high, but due to recent changes these decks went from great to slightly below average.

Don’t fret though, I have found an alternation that will help you keep winning. It’s Funki Monki’s Libram Paladin. In this quick guide we’ll break down everything you need to know about this deck.

When should you use this deck?

Let’s face the facts first: this deck isn’t good if you are still in a low rank. Succeeding with a Librams Paladin in Hearthstone can be a challenge if you’re still struggling with the basics. If you haven’t reached gold at the very least, don’t even think about bringing this deck to ranked. Play around with it in casual if you want – it’s still fun – but don’t count on getting many wins with it.

If you are in gold or above, go ahead. The game is infested with Spell Mages and low budget Demon Hunters, which can’t really deal with a Paladin like this if you play well enough.

As a final consideration, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys watching all your efforts unfold in the late game into a huge power-play, you absolutely need to give this deck a try. It has a pretty strong early game if you get a good starter hand, but that’s still nothing compared to what you get at the end.

Hearthstone Librams Paladin guide

How to play as this Librams Paladin?

Ideally you will have an Aldor Attendant and a Libram of Wisdom in your hand when the game begins. This isn’t very likely though, so count your blessings whenever it happens. Most of the time you will need to start with a Novice Engineer or a Bronze Explorer. These aren’t all that bad either, but they will give you a lot of cards, which you need to watch out for. It’s really easy to go overboard and burn half of your deck, so make sure it doesn’t happen. Take a look at the number of cards you have before finishing each round.

It’s also crucial that you control the board at this stage. A simple slip is enough to ruin the entire match, so pay attention at all times and kill all enemy  minions whenever you can.

By the mid game your hand will likely be full, so make sure you either have plenty of low cost cards you can throw onto the board, or you already have Lady Liadrin. It’s not a good idea to risk burning this latter card, as it can double the amount of Libram of Wisdom’s you have. This last step is crucial if you want to make sure you win, as it will grant you +4/+4 to put on any given minion for free – given that you were able to play the right cards.

Late game is when this deck blows up. By now you should have free Libram of Wisdom’s that you use regularly and without restrictions. Your health should be at 30 or pretty close to it, as this deck enables you to heal up to 24 HP without any minions capable of lifestealing. This is the main reason why you shouldn’t be too concerned about any decks that aim to rush the kill. These two attributes stack the odds against your enemy, and you should be able to win with ease, unless you are suppressed early in the game.

Hearthstone Librams Paladin guide

Librams Paladin tips and tricks

The first thing I learned was that you will need to tailor this deck to your own needs and wants. As you can see in the picture above, I prefer to use a pure Paladin deck, because it made the gameplay more similar to my usual style. There’s a good chance you will need to do the same, which you can, as long as you keep all the Paladin cards mentioned in the deck. The remaining ones are optional – especially the Exotic Mountseller, which I’ve found to be the least useful one.

Lightforged Blessing is not an early game card, please don’t use it as one. Having lifesteal later on will be much more valuable, as you would only heal 2-3 HP at start compared to 8-10 HP in the late game. This is a difference which can easily mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Use your weapons, even if you lose a huge chunk of your health because of it. You have plenty of cards that can heal you, and you are wasting time and damage by not attacking minions as the hero. Don’t worry, it’s okay to go down to 20 HP to get rid of a huge threat.

Pair Libram of Justice with Consecration or Wild Pyromancer. If your enemy was capable of putting down a lot of minions that have a lot of damage, you can get rid of all of them really easily. And it will only cost you 9 mana to clear their entire board while also dealing 2 damage to their face.

And one final tip: Replicat-o-tron works best if placed next to two 1/1 Silver Hand Recruits.

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