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Since Illidan the Demon Hunter came out as a playable character the entire game of Hearthstone was flooded with players who wanted to try him. Unfortunately though, not everyone had the means to play him yet. Whether it’s due to lack of time or dust, it doesn’t matter. Either way, you likely don’t want to grind for hours just to build a decent deck, which is now harder than before because of Illidan’s insta-nerf. Although, if you’ve read our previous guide you should be able to use him anyway.

Which is why we are going to set you up with MMaxer’s deck that only costs 3500 dust to make from scratch.

When should you use this deck?

Anytime you want, really. It’s great for climbing in any league – note the people praising it for its high win rate in the comments. You can easily get out of Bronze this way, or reach Legend. Just like the maker of this deck did.

Hearthstone low budget Demon Hunter

Or you could also use it to simply destroy your enemies in casual Hearthstone games. That’s also a fun activity you can partake in as a Demon Hunter. Since this deck is filled with strong minions and plenty of weapons, it’s aggressive and fun to play. All it will take is a little strategy and practice. After a couple of matches you should be experienced enough to pound people into the ground starting with turn 5.

How to play as this low budget Demon Hunter?

You don’t have any legendaries and you are working with a single epic card. It might be a little scary at first knowing that you don’t really have anything in your hands. However, as this deck aptly demonstrates, not everything depends on rarity.

First of all, you need to control the board like a madman. In the first two rounds you will either not be able to put down any minions, or they will be killed within a turn. This is fine, as most of the time you will still be able to kill off the rest of the board with your hero power. Since it costs only 1 mana, you can use it from the first turn. Which will either mean a damage to the face, or a dead minion. Either way, you will be off to a good and confident start.

Continue killing minions off with your weapons and hero power. You need to keep everything on your side alive for as long as possible, even if that means almost killing yourself for it. By the fifth round you will likely have suffered a great deal of damage, or have won the game. The latter is likely, but for now let’s focus on the first option, and how you deal with it.

You need to heal yourself up. You can either do this with Eyebeam, which will give you a flat 3 health and it is better if you use it to kill an enemy minion, or Aldrachi Warblades, which is a little trickier. This one can actually be improved with Twin Slice (and Second Slice, of course), in which case you will heal up a lot more. If your opponent has something on the board that only deals one damage, you can easily kill it off and heal up a ton of health.

Hearthstone Illidan guide

Priestess of Fury will likely be your biggest play. It’s huge and hard to take down, which means that the enemy won’t be able to do anything with it, assuming that you have the board under your control at that point.

Budget Demon Hunter tips and tricks

Do NOT put down your Satyr Overseer if you get it early on, otherwise your opponent will simply focus on it, and in the best case scenario it will only be able to activate its ability once or twice. That would not be good enough. Unfortunately, this deck doesn’t have any taunts, so you won’t be able to protect it. Instead, you can use it after putting down another minion that poses a huge threat, like Altruis the Outcast. Most Demon Hunters use it as soon as they get 3 mana, and fail spectacularly.

Battlefiend is best if used in the second round. That way you can already give it an extra attack, and you will be sure that it will take down something important if your opponent decides to deal with it.

Glaivebound Adept should be used when you have 6 mana. Use your hero power on the minion with the least amount of damage, then put down this minion. Pretty obvious, but I have seen way too many people forget about this and miss out on 4 damage. It can easily turn the game in your favor.

Also, don’t be afraid to gamble with the damage of Priestess of Fury. If the opponent only has a minion that has 2 health, just take the chance. You will regret it if you don’t.

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