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Right now, the most popular deck in Hearthstone according to HearthPwn is a Spell Druid one made by Destinyless. It can fit on anyone’s budget, it’s fairly easy to play once you are in the right mindset, and it apparently has an insane 70% winrate.

If you’re new to the game, here is what you should know above all: it’s going to be nerfed in the near future, so if you want to milk it, you need to do so right now.

When should you use this deck?

What caught my eye first was the price. It’s only 3680 dust, which can be farmed fairly quickly, but most Hearthstone players have that much in stock anyway. If you are on a budget – like I usually am while trying out the most popular decks – this will be absolutely perfect for you.

The second thing to note is the winrate. That 70% is hard to ignore, although the poster doesn’t specify what the sample size actually is. People in the comments still say that it’s above average though, so how bad can it be? It comes out closer to around 60%, which is still nice, but not nearly as much as Destinyless implied.

This leads me to my next point: this deck is better for lower ranks. Generally, people only succeed with it below Gold rank, which is not a huge problem, because this way this collection can work amazingly for beginners. Not so much for more advanced players, though.

You will also struggle against anything that goes for the face, and Galakrond decks, so keep that in mind as well.

Hearthstone Spell Druid guide

How to play as this Spell Druid?

Now, with 3 minions and 27 spells, you will likely need a tiny bit of guidance, as this Hearthstone deck is somewhat tricky to navigate.

Early game

Clear enemy minions any way you can. With spells that deal 1-3 damage, you should be good to go. Wrath will be your best friend during these times; never choose the 1 damage and draw a card combo. You would be losing out on a lot of damage just to get rid of a minion that likely won’t even harm you much. Also, don’t place your minions yet.

As I said before, any enemy deck that targets the face will simply end you in this stage of the game. This is actually a good thing, since you won’t need to wait several minutes for your suffering to be over.

Mid game

This is the time when you can start summoning minions. You can use your regular minion cards, but other spells like Power of the Wild and Rising Winds will give you the option to do so too. The latter will be slightly more useful.

Just make sure that you actually do have the right cards in your hand to keep these alive. If you place them down and they get annihilated within one turn, you can kiss your win goodbye. You can ensure your minions’ safety with Soul of the Forest, Ironbark, and maybe even Power of the Wild if you don’t need it for anything else.

Late game

This is the stage when you place your Exotic Mountseller and start spamming your spells, even if they are needless. Keep it alive – it’s your top priority from now on.

By summoning random beasts you should eventually be able to take down even bigger enemy minions, and finally get to the face of the enemy. Before this phase, you likely wouldn’t have been able to deal a single point of damage to them, so now it’s time to turn up the heat.

It will be a struggle at first, but once you adapt to the Spell Druid mindset, Hearthstone will be a much easier game to play – up to a certain rank, of course.

Hearthstone Spell Druid guide

Spell druid tips and tricks

Keep Bogbeam and Ironbark until you have 7 mana crystals. Those 2 mana crystals might seem like little, but they will be much more valuable in the late game, especially for low-cost spells.

Try to save your 1 and 2 cost spells. Once you have your Exotic Mountseller down, you can spam them much more easily and thus, you will be able to kill the enemy player much faster without giving them a chance to bounce back.

There is a good chance that you can’t get access to Rising Winds right now, which is a core part of this deck. This is because it’s part of the Galakrond paid adventure, and you can’t get it unless you pay to unlock it. Otherwise, it would only cost you 40 dust. Right now you can replace these two cards with another Wrath and a Wild Growth or Swipe.

Glowfly Swarm is an excellent card to play if you are in trouble with a ton of things in your hand. It won’t help much from the 7th turn onwards though, because the Glowflies won’t be able to do significant damage to anything. Although, if you combo them with a Savage Roar you can still wreak mayhem.

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