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If you like to try out new things in Hearthstone, this Murloc Paladin deck is just for you (and if you don’t, we have a more traditional Libram Paladin guide). It has an exciting and new kind of gameplay that not many players are familiar with, and an insane 88% winrate. The sample size is still fairly small, since the creator, Murlocian, has only uploaded 32 games we can see, but out of those games only 4 were losses. We can safely say that it wasn’t just luck.

So, let’s break down what you need to do to win with this deck.

When should you use this deck?

Most compositions are either only suited for low or high rank players, and decks that can help both are pretty rare. Lucky for us, people have used this Murloc Paladin to go from Bronze 10 to Legend in Hearthstone, so it’s clear that everyone can put it to good use – it doesn’t matter how skilled you are, or how convoluted of a combo you are comfortable pulling off.

However, this deck it seems to be especially effective in lower ranks. Many players in Bronze are praising the archetype for being so strong and easy to play with without any alterations. There seems to be something going on in the middle of Diamond, though. While some players go further, many get stuck there and can’t get higher. Those who hit this wall usually have to switch decks because it seems like the game doesn’t want to let them through.

Finally, you need to consider the cost. 12360 dust is a lot, and if you don’t have the majority of the cards already you will have to grind for a long time. It’s best to put it away and acquire enough resources over the time passively, because it can get frustrating having to actively farm all of that dust. However, if you already have plenty to spare, this is a great investment.

Hearthstone Murloc Paladin guide

How to play as this Murloc Paladin?

This deck’s gameplay is fairly simple. All ranks should be able to follow the flow of this deck.

Early game

Ideally you will start your game of Hearthstone with a Vilefin Inquisitor, which won’t change your Paladin Hero Power all that much, since it normally summons a 1/1 Silverhand Recruit, and now it will summon a 1/1 Murloc. The only exception is the fact that from now on you will be able to combo it with other cards (mainly Scalelord and Murloc Tidecaller). It’s crucial to have this, because that way they can have divine shields, bonus health, bonus attack, or even both of the latter at the same time. It makes things much easier, so aim to put this card down as soon as possible.

Another amazing low-cost minion is Toxfin. You will likely get it early on it the game, but please don’t waste it. Poisonous is a really great tool in the late game, letting you destroy huge enemy minions without using a ton of your resources, but a lot of people throw it out way too early. Why waste poisonous to kill a 2/2 minion when you can do the same later with a 10/10? It’s only a matter of time.

Mid game

This Murloc Paladin deck’s mid game won’t be very exciting, unfortunately. Your only job is to keep your low cost Murlocs and try to use your Hero Power as often as possible. It will help you combo much more easily.

Also, don’t be tempted to put down Sunkeeper Tarim. He’s much better in the late game, since that’s when you will have the most minions, which should be enough to kill your enemy easily. Felfin Navigator is a much better option in the mid game if you want to give them more health. It will help them survive for longer, but won’t change anything on your opponent’s side.

Hearthstone Murloc Paladin guide

Late game

Now that we are done with the things you can mess up early on, let’s move onto the late game. Hearthstone rewards you for patience, and that is especially true for this Murloc Paladin deck. If you get Tip the Scales, you have to save it. 7 Murlocs is a lot and it can be tempting, as it could easily overpower your enemy. But you can’t put it down just yet. Wait until you have something that can combo with it – bonus points if you have two. For example, you can play Murloc Tidecaller, then Tip the Scales, then Coldlight Seer. It can be done in one round to create a huge threat.

And finally, save Zephrys the Great for this stage. He gives you cards that are best fitted to the current situation, which means that it can give you that perfect Fireball for that last 6 damage. Or it can even give you some damage or lifesteal. Early on he wouldn’t be able to grant you these kinds of wishes.

Murloc Paladin tips and tricks

You can take out Coldlight Seer and Finja, the Flying Star if they don’t seem to be working for you. Many players succeed with 2 Hydrologists instead. Or you can switch out only Finja, the Flying Star with another Coldlight Seer, Eye for an Eye (against Mages), Never Surrender (against Warlocks) and Getaway Kodo (against Demon Hunters).

Keep your 1-cost minions for as long as you can, they will be your safe haven at the end.

Prismatic Lens is basically a win condition, but sometimes when you’re really far ahead you can skip it.

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