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Heroes of the Storm launches first Nexus Anomaly, buffs Mephisto

The very first Nexus Anomaly event is live in Heroes of the Storm. For those who missed the announcement, Nexus Anomalies are a new feature for Blizzard’s MOBA announced at Blizzcon last month. Each Nexus Anomaly will bring a major change to the game, which will last the duration of the competitive season. Then, based on player feedback, Blizzard may tweak the Anomaly to perfect it. If nobody liked, the Nexus Anomaly would instead be removed from the game. In this way, the Heroes of the Storm community gets a chance to directly affect how the game evolves. Plus we get to be excited and/or infuriated about a new mechanic every few months.

How Experience Globes work

The first Heroes of the Storm Nexus Anomaly is Experience Globes. Minions no longer automatically reward team experience on death: instead they drop globes. Players have to collect them by moving near-by. Mage minions continue to drop their usual regeneration globes, which do not reward experience. To compensate, melee and ranged minions give a bit more experience than they did previously. This combination of changes opens up the potential for faster lane farming for a few – so few – heroes. Note, that global hero effects like Abathur’s hat or Ragnaros’ Lava Wave will automatically collect experience globes.

Heroes of the Storm Nexus Anomaly Mephisto

The Nexus Anomaly patch brings a few small balance tweaks as well. Heroes Mephisto and The Lost Vikings are getting some slight adjustments, which in Mephisto’s case are very much welcome. It’s not that Mephisto needs help winning that much. The problem is that he – like many other Heroes of the Storm choices – has a very rigid meta build. His under-performing talents are getting some love with this patch. For any players out there who already run Hysteria at level 13, prepare for a nice treat.

And of course, this patch welcomes Deathwing to the Nexus. Expect our tips and build guide for him in the coming weeks!

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