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Tassadar Shock Ray build | Heroes of the Storm Guide

Since Tassadar’s rework in Heroes of the Storm, two builds have risen to the top of the meta: the Shock Ray build and the autoattack build. Tassadar’s Shock Ray build caters to a high damage playstyle from a long range, and is not easily shut down by blinds and other anti-autoattack methods. Here are the talents that go into the Shock Ray build:

  • Level 1 – Static Charge. This quest increases the damage of Shock Ray and allows you to stack your Resonance Beam when you hit your Shock Ray.
  • Level 4 – Induction. This talent increases your movement speed when using Shock Ray. You can switch it out for Plasma Shield if you prefer to have more survivability.
  • Level 7 – Beam Alignment. This gives you increased basic attack range and makes Shock Ray cool down  faster. Obviously, you want that.
  • Level 10 – Archon. This ult gives you a hefty shield, which can help you stay in team fights longer and lang more Shock Rays. You could also pick up Blackhole, although it seems a tad bit underwhelming in comparison. Its saving grace is that it will occasionally line enemies up for a juicier Shock Ray hit.
  • Level 13 – Shadow Walk. This allows you to reposition if dove on. Oracle is a viable alternative if your team lacks vision and map presence.
  • Level 16 – Thermal Lance. This gives you a big power spike that allows Shock Ray to deal health percentage damage.
  • Level 20 – Twilight Archon. This allows you to have Archon up longer in team fights, increasing survivability. You can alternatively pick up Khala’s Gift if you want more power scaling.

Tassadar Shock Ray

Strengths & weaknesses

Tassadar’s Shock Ray build excels at lane clear and holding lane pressure. With this build, you can sit at the back of team fights and easily chip away at enemy heroes’ health bars. Tassadar is already good at zoning with the use of Force Wall and Psionic Storm, and an empowered Shock Ray makes this role even stronger. Consequently, Tassadar works well on maps like Braxis Holdout and Garden of Terror.

Tassadar is easily punishable when casting Shock Ray, however. You cannot cancel this ability, meaning crowd control will punish you. Many Heroes of the Storm heroes can easily dive you – like Tracer, Kerrigan and Zeratul – can pick you off due to your lack of mobility.

With proper positioning, Tassadar can easily turn the tide of a team fight by poking from a distance with Shock Ray. Players looking to deal high damage from the backline and provide zoning utility to their team should use this build when playing this venerable Protoss hero.

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