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Hunt: Showdown weapon scopes explained

Hunt: Showdown has a wide array of weapons for players to use in their loadouts. There’s no right answer for what to bring, but we can help you narrow down which Hunt: Showdown scopes are right for you.

First, a super simple way to know which scopes have more magnification is to compare size. The longer the scope, the more magnification it gives. Like in most games, you’ll learn which one is best for you based off of personal experience.

Hunt: Showdown scopes

The game has three scopes currently: Deadeye, Marksman, and Sniper.

  • Deadeye – Flexible sight with low magnification. It’s perfect at medium range. Unavailable for use on most rifles.
  • MarksmanMedium to long range sight, will give you a longer reach than the Deadeye, but obscures more of your view.
  • Sniper – This extreme range sight can hit players who are still waiting in the lobby.

There is also the Aperture sight.

  • Aperture – A medium range sight that technically counts as ironsights rather than a scope. This is why the Iron Repeater trait applies to it, rather than Steady Aim. If you enjoy pain and/or losing, use this sight. The Aperture makes it next to impossible to track players.

Some weapons have variants with different optics, and generally each weapon has the most appropriate one attached. For example, the Winfield Vandal has a Deadeye scope variant because it has lower muzzle velocity – and therefore lower effective range – than the full size Winfield, which instead has a Marksman variant.

Hunt: Showdown‘s maps don’t offer too much open, clear sight-line environment. With that in mind, and bosses being mostly fought in enclosed spaces, scopes are strictly a PvP tool.  Happy hunting!

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