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Hyper Scape leaks reveal 6 potential new game modes

Looks like we’ve already got some Hyper Scape leaks for upcoming limited time modes.

I should mention that these may be fake, and at the moment there is no way to verify. The poster, u/MajSmartie is only reinforcing these leaks by saying that “they’re real.” So take all these with a grain of salt.

Crown Rush

You’re probably used to the Crown spawning at the end of the match, right? That gets flipped on it’s head in Crown Rush. You and 99 other players will be forced to duke it out for the Crown right from the beginning. Matches may be shorter, but the stakes will be higher.

Upcoming Event – Crown Rush from HYPERSCAPE

Turbo Mode

Turbo Mode is just the normal Hyper Scape mode, cranked way up. All gear starts off at the highest fusion level and health will regenerate faster than usual. Sectors collapse a lot faster, and you and your squad have to work harder to either eliminate all enemy squads or hold onto the crown.

Upcoming Event – Turbo Mode from HYPERSCAPE

Hack Runner

Hack Runner is next up. Pairs of hacks will be randomly generated and you’ll have to just go with the flow. Over time, hacks will change and fusion levels will increase on their own to keep things hectic.

Upcoming Event – Hack Runner from HYPERSCAPE

The Floor is Lava

A Hyper Scape twist on everyone’s favorite childhood game – this mode makes the lava a reality. The streets have turned to lava and squads will be forced to hop rooftops to stay in stable sectors. The gear is all knock-back oriented just to crank the difficulty up to eleven. Sounds like Ubisoft is heading back to their Assassin’s Creed roots with this one.

Upcoming Event – The floor is Lava from HYPERSCAPE

Gun Runner

Similar to Hack Runner, this mode will spawn a random pair of weapons and give them to every player in the match. Weapon fusion levels increase automatically, so you may have the strongest guns, but so do your enemies. It’s a true test of gun skill for this one!

Upcoming Event – Gun Runner from HYPERSCAPE

Faction War

Up to 100 players are to work together as four factions in this mode. Each faction has its own corner, but as time goes on – and squads turn to echoes – factions will slowly be eliminated. Last faction standing – or what’s left of it, anyway – wins the match!

Upcoming event – Faction War from HYPERSCAPE

Like I said, these Hyper Scape leaks are not confirmed for now. They certainly look real, though that isn’t hard to fake.

Hopefully players will be able to try these out before the beta ends. Otherwise we’ll just have to look forward to the game’s launch even more now.

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