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4 mistakes Soraka mains make in League of Legends

If you think about it, Soraka is one of the most overpowered supports of League of Legends. She can heal her entire team up in seconds and can even help people across the map with her ultimate. There is nothing more you could ask for from a support champion.

The champion itself is perfect. Her kit, gameplay and difficulty: everything is just right. But Soraka players are a different story. We tend to do several things that ruin her potential and thus, push our teams towards defeat. So, what are these mistakes, and what can you and I do to avoid them?

Using Starcall sparingly

There is never an instance in which you should try to hold back on this one ability. Okay, fine, maybe if you are really bad at aiming with it, but then you should just completely stop playing Soraka. It’s one of the best abilities a League of Legends support can have. It’s also really hard to dodge, so if you don’t hit at least 70% of the times with it, take time to practice first.

During the early game Starcall is crucial. It takes huge chunks out of the enemy’s health. If you can hit them repeatedly, they will start pulling back and losing minions. Not only will this cost them a lot of gold, but potentially some experience as well, which will come in handy when you and your ADC reach level 6 sooner.

Starcall still makes a huge difference later in the game. The heal you get from it is significant, and because of it you might be able to help your teammates sustain fights for longer. Plus, it also slows enemies, helping you chase down runners after you win the teamfight.

In short, stop worrying about wasting mana and spam Starcall. If you have the Manaflow Band rune, you won’t have anything to stress about. It will restore just enough.

League of Legends Soraka Mistakes

Sticking to your ADC all game

This is honestly the most annoying thing to see in League of Legends as a Soraka main. Some of you out there think that the carry of the game can’t be left alone for a moment, and you have the mentality that you should always baby them.

First of all, you have your ultimate, Wish. Have you read its description? It heals every single ally that is alive. So if they need some emergency healing from across the map, you can deliver it.

The second most important thing is even simpler. They. Are. A. Carry. If they can’t even do as much as push a lane for a second without getting caught, then it’s their problem. It’s not your job to run around a stupid player like a kindergarten teacher. It’s fine in the early game, but don’t get separation anxiety when mid game arrives.

Instead of wasting time on one single person, help out the other three. Trust me, they will appreciate you just as much.

Using Wish too often or not enough

There are two basic Wish mistakes Soraka players make. The first is using their ultimate whenever possible. Most of them only do so to get assists, which is understandable, but this can cause problems during the mid game. They don’t see that this ability can greatly benefit them during a teamfight, because they don’t think that far ahead. But all in all, this isn’t all that bad if the player still has a Redemption on them that they use well.

The second type is worse. They wait until someone is on the verge of dying before using their ultimate. Well, this usually results in that champion dying because the Soraka was too late to press R. This could be okay if it only happens once in a while, but this type does it regularly. I get it, if that player is under 40%, they get a bigger heal, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until they are an autoattack away from death.

Assess the situations first before casting your ultimate. It’s a valuable resource.

League of Legends Soraka Mistakes

Not getting Warmog’s Armor

This is not that bad, but it still bugs me. The standard Soraka build consists of the support item, boots, Ardent Censer and Redemption. Many, many League of Legends guides advise you to build AP, but why would you as Soraka? There is literally no reason to.

At this point your heals are already crazy enough, a little more scaling won’t really help you. And your damage? Don’t even get me started. If you try to deal damage as a Soraka, then you need to be playing her on top lane.

When all of these items are done, you need to get Warmog’s Armor. After you get out of a fight alive, you can regenerate all of your HP – which will be above 3000 by this stage – in 10 seconds. And back to healing you go. It makes much more sense to build health regeneration on Soraka, after all she has to use her own health to heal others.

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