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5 League of Legends champions to get you out of Iron

If you have just got into played ranked in League of Legends, there is a good chance that you landed either in Iron or Bronze. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, we all have to start somewhere, so don’t worry about that. The climb up is the real problem. Escaping ELO hell – as players affectionately call the lower ranks – can be a circle of misery.

Low rank players are usually toxic, aren’t willing to play viable builds, and tend to tilt really easily, so even if you have a good grasp of the game and no bad habits to hold you back, you will still have a hard time advancing. To give you a bit of help, I have a list of 5 strong and reasonably easy to play champions, to make the climb up the ranks a little less painful.


I know, most people say that you can’t influence the game enough as a support. That’s (kind of) true, but in the Iron ranks of League of Legends anything is possible, especially if you have the right build. Yes, I’m talking about our Ambulance Soraka. If you want to try her out, I highly recommend this build.

This champion is insanely easy to learn. Her abilities are straightforward and instant, so you don’t need to think too far ahead before casting them. She’s also in a lane where she isn’t the main target, so you will have an easier time with trading and poking. If you are the type of person who loves to walk up and taunt the enemy with bite-sized damage, you will absolutely adore Soraka.

League of Legends Soraka guide


You have probably seen players use Vladimir to absolutely dominate a match. That’s because his kit is pretty easy to use, even if you aren’t that skilled. Experience helps, of course, but you can still succeed as this champion if you are a beginner. Just make sure that you go untargetable as often as needed, so you can slip out of danger. That’s the trick when you’re just learning the ropes, and don’t know how much damage you can handle.

Vladimir has a great potential to become a carry by the mid game, which means that you only need to hold out for about the first 15 minutes of the game. After that you should be an absolute monster if you play your cards right – which in his case just means not dying, and farming well. That’s literally it.

Vladimir will get you out of Iron in League of Legends


She isn’t on this list because she is easy to play, or because her abilities are simple. Caitlyn is here because she teaches you how to properly play League of Legends, and by the time you know how she works you will easily fly out of Iron. She’s a really good teacher.

Caitlyn has a range bigger than any other ADC, which makes her perfect for farming, poking and trading: the three basic things you need to master if you want to carry your team. Even if you aren’t all about the offense, you can just place traps all over the place, which can save you from sticky situations. If an enemy wants to sneak up on you from a bush, or rushes you in your lane, you can just place a trap and run away into the sunset.

Caitlyn will get you out of Iron in League of Legends


Being a jungler means having the most influence on the game. You can change the lane dynamics in under a minute, and all it will take is a little mana and health. With Warwick you will likely end up just getting a kill and helping your laners push, while you take all the gold for yourself.

This little dog is very low maintenance. All he needs is some farm and communication from teammates: with those things secured, you will be able to do anything. Solo a dragon? Sure. Steal the enemy red and kill the jungler in the meantime? Why not? With Warwick you can do almost anything if you set your mind to it. The amount of lifesteal you have will make you almost immortal by the mid game, so you can act pretty recklessly without much consequence.

Warwick will get you out of Iron in League of Legends


I know: another supportive character. Sorry, but these guys are the easiest to play, and they can have a huge influence on the game if played correctly. This is especially true with Blitzcrank, since his job is to make picks for his carry instead of them having to do it by themselves.

The only problem you might have will be Rocket Grab. It’s pretty fast, but it will require you to aim really well if you want to make a pick. At first it will be really annoying when you’re only grabbing minions, but trust me, it will help you learn how to make good skillshots.

Besides this one element, his kit is really simple: faster movement speed, knocking the enemy up, and AOE damage around Blitzcrank. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Blitzcrank mistakes in League of Legends

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