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4 mistakes Warwick mains make | League of Legends Guide

Perhaps you have been playing League of Legends for a while and enjoy regularly crushing lobbies with Warwick. Or maybe you just started, and he just happened to be on your radar. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced Warwick or just picking him up in League of Legends for the first time, you need to learn how to avoid making certain mistakes with him.

So, what should you not do when playing Warwick?

Not using yourself as bait

If your Warwick is low on health and enemies are nearby, then it’s not your time to base. That’s simply not how this champion works. Since you have plenty of lifesteal – or should have, if you are playing to your strengths – you can easily heal yourself up with a couple of attacks, and you will be back in the game. Unfortunately, many players don’t adapt to this kind of mentality and miss out on a ton of kills because of it, which can ultimately cost them the entire game.

What you need to do is pick an enemy champion that is a little squishier than most, or doesn’t have as much damage. A support usually fits the part. Once their teammates see that they are in trouble, they will rush to help them out and, of course, to pick up an easy kill. That’s your cue to heal up and get the two teams to fight.

Note, that you should always notify your team before doing this. Especially if you’re in a lower rank, as people down there will simply see this as inting and will not help you unless you state your intentions. Most of the time you can simply ping them, but giving a “written notice” is the best route to take.

League of Legends Warwick mistakes

Not understanding Jaws of the Beast mechanics

Since Warwick seems like one of the simplest champions of League of Legends, many don’t understand that they can make mistakes with his kit. This goes double for Jaws of the Beast, because most people only know two things about it. It deals damage and makes you jump behind the enemy. So what? What is there to mess up here?

In most cases, absolutely nothing. It’s a great chase mechanic, especially if you pair it with your fear. However, there are some circumstances where you can use it and you probably have no idea about it.

Since your leap is relative to the given champion, this means that if they cast any kind of mobility spell you will just follow them throughout. Flash, Dash and yes, even Basing. This can really come in handy if one of the enemies has an ability that lets them do something like this. It will enable you to follow them, you will just need to time your Jaws of the Beast well. This also means that you can jump over walls, which can help you steal a dragon or a Baron.

Farming too much in the early game

One of the biggest mistakes Warwick mains make in League of Legends is farming throughout the early game. I get it, it’s so much simpler when you only need to kill creeps and buy items throughout the first few minutes. But the thing is, Warwick is at his peak at that point. If you don’t put enough pressure on the enemy in the beginning, you won’t be able to dominate them later on either.

You also can’t really spend all of your time in the jungle, because at some point the creeps won’t spawn fast enough for you, and that can really halt your progress. So instead of power farming, you should keep an eye on the lanes and gank whenever you see an opening.

Make sure that you keep a healthy balance between ganking and farming. That way you can maximize your gained gold and the pressure you put on lanes. It will also ensure that your teammates are willing to help you out whenever you want to take objectives, which is why you should spend a little extra time with the bot lane. Dragons are way too important nowadays.

Warwick will get you out of Iron in League of Legends

Withholding blues and reds

This is applicable to most junglers, but with Warwick you really shouldn’t be this selfish. You have plenty of lifesteal and just enough mana to be able to hold up. It won’t hurt to give your teammates some buffs. This goes double if your team is behind and your mid and ADC could use some help, as they would benefit a lot from these simple things and it would only take you about half a minute to lend them a hand.

This is especially true after the 20-minute mark, since after that you don’t really need buffs to succeed. So instead of keeping them for yourself, you should ping your teammates and be a compassionate ally that wants the best for everyone. It’s a huge part of how you can carry your team.

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