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A weird Taliyah build is dominating bot | League of Legends Guide

Taliyah isn’t exactly an ADC type of champion in League of Legends, but somehow statistics show otherwise. According to Metajunkies, she has an above average winrate, which was calculated from 800 matches. There haven’t been many instances of people using this build, but the results so far are promising. This winrate tends to go up and down though, so don’t be surprised if it goes from 60% to 45%, then back to 60% in a day.

Just in case this build stays dominant in the meta, here it is in full detail!

When should you use this build?

First of all, do not try this in ranked first. Taliyah is great and all, but the build is still imperfect and I wouldn’t want you losing a ton of LP because of it. Once it’s out of the experimental phase, we will make sure you know, so you can use her to your advantage. If you would rather play a champion that is reliably competitive, you can have a try at Draven.

However, as long as there is nothing at stake in League of Legends, you should bring Taliyah to bot lane. Now is the time to practice how her mechanics work and what’s great about her, so later on when everyone finally realizes how awesome she is, you will already be ahead of the pack. Generally speaking though, Taliyah is really fun to play, so even if you don’t plan on using her to climb ranks, these games will be really enjoyable.

League of Legends Taliyah guide

What items does Taliyah need?

  • Luden’s Echo
  • Morellonomicon
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass

These are pretty basic core items for an AP character, nothing exciting. Luden’s Echo will help you farm, Morellonomicon is there so you have more damage, and Zhonya’s Hourglass will get you out of sticky situations. Simple.

Next should be your boots. In most cases you will get Sorcerer’s Shoes for the magic penetration, but in some cases you will need Ninja Tabi or Mercury’s Treads. These are rather defensive items though, so don’t be too keen on building them if you’re ahead. The last option is Boots of Mobility, which should only be chosen if you want to push solo and get to teamfights in a fast manner.

By the time you’re done with your first 4 items, you will already be at 20 minutes at the very least. You should know if you’re ahead or not, because now is the time to decide what route you take: defensive or offensive.

If you want to be aggressive, you need to get Mejai’s Soulstealer and Rabadon’s Deathcap. These two will provide you with massive amounts of damage when used correctly.

Which runes does Taliyah need?

League of Legends Taliyah guide

When to switch it up

As of now we don’t really know what counters an ADC Taliyah. There haven’t been enough games unfortunately, so we only know of a few of them. The worst champion to play against appears to be Bard. He can lock down Taliyah way too easily, which will help the enemy ADC kill her pretty fast. If you come across a Bard, it’s time to switch your playstyle to defensive.

The defensive build includes Ninja Tabi or Mercury’s Treads, based on what kind of damage the enemy has more of. After it’s time for Hextech-Protobelt-01. Most of the time it’s used offensively, but you gain a dash by buying it, which can get you out of fights pretty fast. Because it can be used both ways, you will have a much better time adapting once you are in the lead again.

Banshee’s Veil is also a great option since it will deflect a spell aimed at you, which is absolutely necessary if the enemy has heavy crowd control.

How to play as Taliyah

Let’s look at the statistics first before we decide what playstyle we need. Taliyah is the most successful in either really short, or really long games. That means you either have to shut everyone down within the first 20 minutes, or wait for the 40-minute mark to start making plays. The first one is a much safer option, because it will require you to get ahead as soon as possible, so your mid game won’t be all that bad that way either.

As an AP champion, you will run out of mana really early, but you can’t let the enemy ADC chase you back. Damage them at all possible times and make them base before you. After you get Luden’s Echo, you should be able to match them, but up until then you need to do everything you can to hinder their advance.

Once mid game begins, you will be back to the regular mid Taliyah gameplay. The only difference will be your positioning, since you will have much better items much sooner than you would otherwise. You will need to stay back a little, because the enemy will try to assassinate you any chance they get.

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