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Get more pentakills with Draven | League of Legends Guide

Draven has been one of the most overpowered champions ever since he was released in League of Legends. He has a huge potential to snowball and carry his whole team on his muscular back, but since this has been a constant, nobody pays much attention to him. Because of this, he is always feared, but rarely banned.

So now you might be asking: “How do I take advantage in my games?” Don’t worry, I will happily walk you through the process of abusing Draven’s strength in League of Legends.

When should you play it?

Draven is the kind of champion that is sometimes hard to navigate. You have to watch out for your marks each time you throw an axe, which requires a ton of your attention. If you are a player who would much rather focus on both the farm and the enemies, this champion is not for you – especially if you are a beginner.

For that reason, I highly doubt that any new League of Legends player would have fun playing Draven. He’s a little too complicated for that. If you’re just starting out, try something easier- Senna might be a good pick.

When an experienced player brings Draven to ranked, though… He is a literal god. Supports love playing alongside him, even if they weren’t going for that role, because he makes the game easy. Junglers love ganking for him because they know that they will definitely get a kill or an assist. If you want to climb the ranks and are comfortable with his kit, Draven is your guy.

What items does Draven need?

  • Infinity Edge
  • Rapid Firecannon
  • Bloodthirster
  • Berserker’s Greaves

These are your core items. They will give you a lot of attack speed and some lifesteal – all crucial to succeed as the egotistical king Draven. If you are having a regular game where things are going your way, you can just build Statikk Shiv, Guardian Angel and Lord Dominik’s Regards.

Conversely, if you are having a terrible game and falling behind, I have bad news: there aren’t many items that can help. Mercurial Scimitar can be a good choice though, since it gives you a little extra lifesteal, which can help you survive a little longer in team fights. It might be just what you need to get back into the game.

In either scenario, if your opponents are dealing a bit too much magic damage, you need to get Spirit Visage as soon as possible. This is especially true if your mid Yasuo is feeding hard.

Which runes does Draven need?

League of Legends Draven guide

With your Adoration, Conqueror and Legend stacks you will need to watch out for a ton of things. This will be pretty difficult in the beginning, but most people get used to it fairly quickly. Give yourself a couple of games before getting frustrated at not being able to maximize the potential of these stacks.

And yes, you need to have Sorcery as your secondary rune slide, because Absolute Focus is absolutely amazing on Draven. It gives you a little more AD if you are above 70% health – which you will be at if you play well.

When to switch it up

Obviously, you should try to avoid playing against Draven’s counters. Support champions with a high potential for crowd control, like Lux, Morgana and Thresh are also awful to deal with. They can easily take a peek at your marks on the ground, and use them against you by throwing an ability there while you’re trying to get them. And yes, if you end up in such a situation, you will quickly realize how unfair this is.

Either way, you don’t need to panic. Draven is not a champion who can really be used  defensively in League of Legends, so you will always need to harass and aggro your enemies. Yes, you will need to adapt this champion’s egotistical thinking and have the mindset of being unstoppable.. It will be easier than you think, especially if you can hear his voice while in-game. It’s actually pretty comforting.

League of Legends Draven guide

How to play as Draven

In the early game, you need to farm a little before going straight in for the kills. It enables you to gather a few Adoration stacks and analyze what you’re up against. Is it a lot of crowd control? Is it a team with turn potential? How aware is their jungler? These are all questions you need to answer before jumping in for a kill. Once everything seems clear, you can just go ahead with butchering them.

The best case scenario is if your support is your premade partner. That way you can go ahead with the type of craziness that all Dravens in League of Legends have, and they won’t even bat an eye: they will just go along with it and help you out.

After your first kill, people will start noticing that you’re a threat. Get as much gold as you can during the laning phase, because from now on your will be far in the backline. Your team will value you for your continual damage, so they will keep you safe.

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