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How I would spend Faker’s money

There has been a lot of murmuring surrounding Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok’s finances in the media lately. While he apparently only spends $170 USD a month, my spending would go much further than that if I had access to Faker’s money. Don’t judge – so would yours. Faker’s estimated worth is around $4 million.

This got me thinking about what I would do if I had Faker’s money. I thought I’d go on a little thought experiment (slash daydream session). What would I do with Faker’s money to fulfill my game fantasies? Here’s the result.

A new computer – $3,604.99

The Alienware Aurora has a 9th gen Intel Core i9 processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 ti 11GB GDDR6, 2TB of SSD, and 2TB of HDD storage. That crunchy spec list is also easily upgradable. I want this.

Monitors – $1,287

It’s always been my dream to have like, that amazing setup you see in movies. The 4-5 monitors, various computers. I could go full retro sci-fi and build a space-ship control terminal in my room.  Well, I’d also settle for the 49-inch Samsung CRG90 for $1,287. I am especially curious to see exactly how that curved display would affect my gaming.

Faker money screens
Something like this would be my end-game, except with most screens playing League of Legends.

Consoles – $1,366

I’m not really a console gamer, but my family is. I think I’d get them each their preferred machines: Nintendo Switch ($299.99), PS4 Pro ($399.99), Xbox One X ($499.99), and SNES Classic Edition ($167). There’s a lot of multi-platform gamers in our household, but I’m not buying multiples. They can share.

A home arcade – $25,097

It’s every kid’s dream to own their own arcade. I’d make that a reality, for the flex alone. Some of the classic arcade games that I would purchase are Ms. Pac-man ($3,499), a Star Wars pinball machine ($7,599), and Space Invaders ($13,999), just to name a few.

My entire Steam wishlist – $1,500

With all this money, I’d go for some or maybe all of the games on my wishlist, including DLCs and add-ons, because why not? My Steam wishlist right now totals around $1.5k of wished-for games. The Witcher 3 and Halo Reach will be the first to hit my cart. Pathologic 2 has also been on my radar.

Pathologic 2 - Launch Trailer | OᑌT ᑎOᗯ! 🔥

How much did I spend?

In total, I managed to spend: $32, 854.99. Frankly, I’m not sure I could ever spend all that money, even in my mind. With the rest, I’d probably do exactly what Faker does, and give to charity. That is honestly the best use for it, and he has shown that he thinks so in his actions. Faker was a big part of Rick Fox’s charity League of Legends stream last month, helping fund-raise for the Bahamas Relief Foundation.

Yassuo was also part of the stream, and he is no stranger to gaming for the greater good. He managed to a raise a stunning $17.7 thousand in a single 24-hour charity stream back in 2018. Not to be outdone, Faker donated his entire October stream revenue to the United Nations that year. If there’s anything to learn here, it’s that for every 100,000 toxic League of Legends players, there is a streamer with a golden heart. Or something like that.

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