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Knowing how to act as bait in League of Legends is a skill that everybody needs. It can help you get ahead of the enemy at every stage of a game, and it can also result in you winning a match. This is an art form that can be learned by anyone, but be prepared, as it can take a while and it requires a lot of dedication.

Who should be the bait?

First things first, not every single champion or role can be bait. It is not worth it to put the ADC or the tank at risk, for example. They have a different job to do – which is to damage and protect the rest of the team, respectively – and these tasks are more important than getting a single kill. There are a few situations in which you can actually use them as bait, but more on that later.

The best bait is the support. Preferably a slightly tanky one, as this quality will ensure that the support does actually survive the attack. However, squishier champions are easier to take down and thus make a more attractive bait.

Mid laners can also be good bait, but it really depends on their build and playstyle in League of Legends (and of course, whether they have a bounty on them). But the best case scenario is if they don’t have damage, have multiple deaths, and are on low health. These will attract the closest enemy, making them think they could get a free kill.

If you have a fed ADC they can be great bait too, but only if you have another fed person on your team. This is crucial, as they will be the ones saving the ADC from death.

Top laners and junglers generally don’t make good bait though, as they usually have enough tankiness or life steal that people avoid them completely. Unless they lack these traits, you shouldn’t even think about using them.

How to act as bait in League of Legends

How to set up the bait

There are a lot of elements you need to take care of if you want to bait someone in a game of League of Legends, so have this checklist ready.

  • Warding

Have wards around the bait. You need to know when the enemy is coming so you can be prepared to attack. Not to mention the fact that you should always try to provide vision for your team anyway.

You need to see the enemy champions before they can attack the bait, that is your main goal. If they can jump out and surprise you, then you didn’t set up the bait right and it will likely cost you.

  • Health

This one is obvious, but some people still need to hear this: the bait you are using needs to have low HP, or should be really squishy. It doesn’t matter that a support is alone in the river, if they have full health they can run to their ADC or to the mid laner for help, which will discourage any enemies trying to attack.

But if they barely have any health and are 2-3 attacks away from death, then the enemy’s job is much easier and they will want to attack much sooner. They shouldn’t be any lower though, as that way the bait will just get jumped on and they will die before their team can spring the trap.

  • Positioning

Obviously, you need to have the person who is baiting out in the open. This can be done by making them stand near a ward or in the middle of a lane. If you want to make them look even more vulnerable, they should be trying to Recall in the process, as it makes the enemy think that they are trying to escape. This can trigger them to jump into attack mode immediately without thinking (especially in lower ranks), which will make your job even easier.

Another thing you will need is a nearby bush or wall you can hide in or behind. All of the lanes have bushes that are great for this purpose, although they are the most suspicious as well. The ones in the river are slightly better, but the best ones are in the jungle, as there are way too many hiding spots to begin with, giving the attacker less of a read on your positioning.

How to act as bait in League of Legends

What are some famous baiting setups you can try?

These setups have been around for a good while in League of Legends and are great to practice with if you have never been bait before.

  • The Sion support

The picture above is the best representation of this. The ADC needs to be in the middle of the lane with both enemy bottom players present, acting as bait, so they can try to kill them. Meanwhile, Sion needs to be sitting in a bush, charging up his Decimating Smash. It should be fully charged when the two bottom players are in the middle of it, which means that they will take a lot of damage and will also be knocked up. After that, Sion and ADC can just turn on the offensive.

  • The Teemo jungler

This one isn’t the greatest, because you need to have a Teemo as a jungler to begin with, which isn’t exactly a winning choice. But if that is the case already, then you can ask them to gank from the river and sit in the bush. Once they are in position, you need to push in towards the tower, making yourself lose a lot of HP, eventually making you run away. By this point the enemy laner should be trying to chase and attack you. Instead of running back to your own tower, run toward the river, through the bush.

In this situation the Teemo can blind the enemy while in the early game, but they can also set up plenty of mushrooms as a trap. This will result in a few seconds where you can freely attack the enemy laner while they can barely do anything.

How to act as bait in League of Legends

  • The AFK starter

It’s best to have four people in on this scheme, as you will need to do it before the minion wave even starts. The mid laner, jungler and support are absolutely required to be there, but depending on which side on the map you are doing the setup at, you can choose between the ADC and the top laner.

Have the jungler go into the river and pretend to go AFK somewhere close to the outer lane. If the enemy laner is roaming around, then they will quickly notice them, and if the jungler doesn’t move then they will think that they are AFK or having connection issues. Either way, they will think that they are in the clear and can get an easy kill.

This is the point where you need to assess the situation and decide if you can do it, as there is a chance that the enemy will call for help, which can result in a 4v4. If they don’t though, then all four of you can jump on them and get an easy kill.

Beware though, if you do this in the top lane, then your ADC will be at some risk until the support is able to get back to their own lane. Although some people like to take this opportunity to play support on the top side and “gank” the enemy top laner to kill them a second time.

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